Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Visit from Family

Andrew and Hannah drove up to Albany and then rode with Victor & Jennifer into the city.  Saturday they all went to dinner together and they went to Andrea's ward the next morning.  What a great send off to Andrea just before she leaves for Brazil.  What a kind hearted President Morgan for giving permission for this family visit.

Here is Jennifer's description:
Seeing Andrea as a missionary was an incredible experience. Not many people get the opportunity to see "their" (parents, siblings, or children as) missionaries in action: I have always known Andrea was strong, but I couldn't otherwise have known that she is -this- strong.  When Andrea taught and testified about principles of the Gospel, she spoke with tremendous strength and conviction. As we sat at Olive Garden Saturday night, Andrea, fully enjoying her time with us but also watching the time, finally said it was time for them to share a message with us. She challenged us to watch for miracles in our daily lives and to write them down.
She hasn't been in NYC for long, but on Sunday we could see that she has very obviously already made a difference in her ward and with those she has helped teach. The ward was sad for Andrea to leave. One man, who Andrea has helped teach, very eagerly introduced himself to all of us -- her family and loved ones -- and couldn't stop singing her praises. Since it was her last Sunday in NYC, she had ward members handing her notes, cookies, and other gifts of love and appreciation. I think she has already made many life-long friends!

Andrew & Andrea

Andrew, Andrea, Hannah

Twins forever
Andrew, Andrea & Jennifer

Goodbye to Jen

Goodbye to Andrew

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