Monday, December 30, 2013

Family Chat and Christmas Miracle Week!

Oi Minha Querida Família!!

This week was so wonderful!! First of all, getting to talk to you on google+ was the best thing EVER!!! I´m so glad we could meet there and that everyone´s internet was functional!! Seriously, I was so so happy. I just miss seeing your faces so much and it was so refreshing to be able to talk to you all again! 
The wonderful Familia Baptista who fed us on Christmas Eve, and Christmas
and who let us call home from their home! AND who gave us all flip flops! :D Love them!

Our district swapped presents this year.
My companion drew my name and gave me a NYC tin with a little elephant, Oreos and peanut butter inside! She´s great! haha Can you guess which present I gave? Yep. The batman mask and bowling pins. 
This week was kind of a Christmas miracle week for us. Do you remember the mission goal I told you about - trying to have 200 baptisms this month? And how, as a part of the goal they had challenged everyone to find someone to baptize this week? Well, we really started to think and pray and Simone (#1) was baptized this weekend!!! We had lost contact with her for a few weeks and were sad about it, but she called us this week and she was ready to be baptized! She is absolutely incredible. During our last lesson with her before she was baptized, she asked SO many questions she had had in life. She asked "If baptism is essential, how is it fair that my family who never had a chance to be baptized won´t ever get the chance?" So we talked about temples. Then she asked "Well, what if there´s family we don´t know about who were never baptized either?" So we talked about family history (yeahh FamilySearch)! Anyway, it was just so cool. Her baptism was Sunday and Andressa and Marcio were there to support her. They´ve come with us teaching a bunch of times this week! SO COOL!!!

Simone´s baptism!!
Unfortunately my pictures weren´t great. But it was such a happy occasion!

The other Christmas miracle was that we had a week of excellence this week!! :D This basically means that we met all the mission goals for the week with lessons, new investigators, contacts, etc. We were so excited. It is especially exciting because the beginning of the week was very slow for numbers with the Christmas festivities. :) Anyway, we were pretty excited yesterday and earned ourselves ice cream today! (That´s not a mission thing. That´s an "I´m Andrea and I just want ice cream" thing.) haha I´m stoked.

Semana de Excelência celebration pictures!

I also learned a new trick this week. I can turn into a waterfall! Seriously. I don´t even have to be in the sun! I can just be sitting down during a lesson and I have the great Merimeyre Falls (I can´t spell) cascading off my body! My companion can do it too. I think it´s a brazil thing. I also learned that when people tell us the temperature, they don´t actually know what the temperature is. I found out this week it´s only hit the 40s ONCE here this year. And I´m already dying. It is supposed to get into the 40s more often, but not as hot as I was telling you before. haha so... I´m sorry I lied to you. I really didn´t mean to. All I know is that it is HOT. And I seriously look like a waterfall sometimes. haha sorry for that image.

I found a butterfly tree!
Seriously, this hedge had TONS of butterflies. I held one!!!
I know this picture looks like I´m sticking the butterfly in my ear. But you can´t move much
when you have a butterfly on your hand. So... it is what it is. haha

Well, it´s been a wonderful week. I´m so glad I got to talk to you this week!!! Ahh, so so good! I love you all so much and I´m so grateful for you! I hope you are all well and happy!! I will talk to you NEXT YEAR!!! :D haha

Just because I was creative and I´m proud, this is my planner cover for this transfer!
You should read the dove wrapers. They´re pretty great. haha


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