Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Journey Finally Begins

I have to post right now. It's 1:00 AM. But, I can't sleep. Wanna know why?!

I JUST SUBMITTED MISSION PAPERS!!!!!!!!! Okay, so I submitted on Sunday (February 17th). But it gets more real every day. I can hardly handle it I am SO excited! It's only been three days and I'm already aching to get my call. Let's be honest here - I've been aching to get my call since I was born. But especially since that day a few weeks ago when I realized I couldn't wait any longer for my insurance company to get their act together. I had to submit without them - and I did!!! I don't know how I'm gonna survive the next few weeks before I get my call. 

How am I supposed to focus on anything school or work related when I know that my mission papers are being looked at RIGHT NOW by the First Presidency?! Okay. So not right now. At least, I hope not right now because if they're looking at my papers right now I'll probably end up in like Antartica or something because of lack of sleep. And that would make for some really awkward phone calls.


My point is that my world has stopped functioning because all I can think about is my mission call and where I could possibly be going. I am so excitedddd!!! This is going to be like two weeks straight of giddy sleepless nights. Longest. Christmas Eve. Ever. BRING IT ON!!!

Lucky for me, I still have elephants to dream about. My Plao, Chiang Mai, Patara... swimming and hiking... riding and riding... hhh... calms me right down.

Goodnight world. (:

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