Monday, January 20, 2014

Sis. Cleveland & Surprise Transfer!!

Hello Dear Family!!

Well... this week has definitely been the craziest week of my mission thus far. I´m not even gonna spend time talking about how crazy it was because... well... I´ll just get to it. 

It all started on Tuesday. I was SO thrilled because - do you remember my MTC companion? Well, she´s here in Brazil now and her trainer just finished her mission and went home mid transfer. So that meant Sister Cleveland was without a companion. And the mission decided to put her in a trio with me and Sister Furtado! I was SOOO excited! It feels like forever since I´ve seen Sister Cleveland. So, she arrived and we had a blast. But, her first two days here she was doing all the new-to-Brazil stuff and wasn´t actually with us. Sister Furtado and I worked as usual and were having a wonderful week. Then, on Thursday we had our first day as a trio. It was fun! It was a little strange to teach in three, but I liked being with the two of them. 

At the temple!

Then Thursday night happened. haha We got a phone call and Sister Furtado was in the other room so I answered (though, answering the phone when you know they´ll respond in Portuguese is TERRIFYING cuz it´s impossible to hear what they´re saying. Anyway.) It was the APs and they said "We have bad news" tho I didn´t know it at the time cuz I ... haven´t learned that yet in Portuguese. So I just said "Fala, Elder" and all I heard after that was "emergency transfer" and "pack your bags" and "tomorrow." haha I asked if they meant me, then gave the phone to Sister Furtado while I had a mini heart attack. 

Wooden  puzzle I bought of the Plan of salvation!
We can take out all the pieces and put them in as we teach!
How COOL IS THAT?! I was stoked. 

So, turns out a sister is going home sick, and all in 24 hours I packed, said goodbyes and am now in Passo Fundo - o fin do mundo! haha Seriously, it´s the end of the world. It took us 5 hours by bus to get here and is the furthest area from our mission center. It´s insane. I´m in a house with 3 Brazillian people (hahahaha never gets old) who don´t speak English and my companion is Sister Pasini. It´s been interesting. She´s adorable tho and I like her. I just never know what she´s saying. But I will. I will learn SO much faster here because I have no other options but to speak in Portuguese! 

But before I left, I got to go to the temple with Sister Furtado (they let us go because Passo Fundo can´t go to the temple because it´s too far away. So it´ll be awhile before I get to go) and it was SO wonderful. The temple is like our chance to go home for an hour or two before we hit the world again. So so good. And I´ve officially been through the Porto Alegre temple more than any other temple now! haha I said goodbyes to Sonia, Vilson, Andressa, and Marcio which was hard. But we´ll be in touch.

Really, it´s just been the most whirlwind of a week I hardly know what happened at all. I woke up yesterday completely confused and had no idea where I was for like 5 minutes. That´s how fast it all happened. haha Sister Pasini is from Curitiba and has been really fun to work with. We´ve only taught like 2 lessons together so I don´t really know anything yet, but it´s been good. And Passo Fundo is GORGEOUS. You should look it up on a map cuz I have no idea where I am. haha But it´s so pretty and our apartment is 11 floors up so we have NO BUGS!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! That has been a huge relief. 

I miss Sister Furtado, but I´m doing well. It´s a good chance to make a jump in the Portuguese. Sister Wright told me before I left "I feel like we´ve taught you to crawl, and now we´re asking you to run - but we skipped the part about walking!" haha she´s so cute. It´ll be good.

Things are (as you can imagine) rather insane today, so I will be short on email time. I love you all so much though and hope all is well! You are the greatest!!


20 January 2014

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