Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Love Rain!

Oi Minha Querida Familia!

Esta semana foi ótima. Muito rápido, e bem legal. Wooo!

This week was good. It was kind of a lot of the same ole thing.There were a lot of meetings this week though, so I was with Sister Schumacher 3 days while our companions went to meetings, and went on divisions with other areas. It was crazy. We work well together and we get the job done. It´s just a lot more scary without a native speaker with us. It forces us to have confidence in our Portuguese though, and that´s been really helpful. Sometimes the hardest thing about being here is the fear of speaking to people and having them not understand. It´s so much harder to try when you know you´re with someone who can say it perfectly. I find myself not wanting to teach because I don´t want to mess things up. And because I´m scared they´ll say "entende nada" cuz that´s just frustrating. But... as far as I know, I haven´t done damage yet (and sometimes I make the lessons funnier cuz I mess up words)! haha I can teach the lessons all the way through and I can at least get the point across when they ask questions. The happiest thing is that I can actually understand the questions! haha I know we receive a lot of help with Portuguese on those days when we´re together - and for that I am grateful.
Pretty spot we found while walking to an appointment.
It´s a weird angle because we had to set the camera on the ground. haha

This week was zone conference, which is pretty much my biggest fear. They do role plays and I just fail at those in Portuguese. The whole zone sits in fear while they call out names (am I making another Hunger Games reference here?) of people to do role plays. I got called up to do a "conversational role play" with Sister Schumacher which is TERRIFYING because normal conversation is the hardest thing for me. We both sat there in terror and tried to make lame conversation. They ended up getting someone else to do it... so that was remarkably humiliating! haha BUT I got three letters after so HOOORAY!! That was a happy ending.

Also, I realized what a true Washingtonian I am this week. It´s been raining a bit, and everytime we´re inside while it´s raining, I feel like I´m back in primary. Do you remember that one day it snowed in Sequim while we were all at church? And no one could sit still cuz we just wanted to watch the snow? That was pretty much me alllll day. I just wanted to be watching the rain, or outside walking in it! haha Oh how I love the rain.
The family of Sonia, Vilson, Marcio and Andressa!
All dressed up for sunday! :) So happy!!

Jimmy was confirmed this week!!!!! What a happy day that was. I am so excited for him. It´s been a long time waiting for that day. He´s still confused about some things, but he´s making progress. And that makes me happy. 

Besides that, it´s been a fairly regular week. The days all blur together and before we know it, we´ve made it to another Pday! haha things are good tho. I have the coolest companion ever, I´m in a wonderful area, the Portuguese is... coming... and I´m happy. Thank you all for your amazing emails! I love you so much! I hope all is well! 


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