Monday, August 25, 2014

Transfers? Training?


So, we found out about transfers today buuut... I still don´t know if I´m leaving Farroupilha. haha yeah... I don´t know how that happened either. My name is on a list of people who will train next transfer... I don´t know how it got there. But I´m not on any lists for being transfered and neither is my companion. But no one told us if we were getting four sisters here in Farroupilha or not. So we don´t know if I´m staying or if I´m opening a different area. haha so... I should probably find that out. I don´t really know what to do. Maybe I'll just show up at transfers tomorrow without bags and let them know I´m not leaving Farroupilha. haha! I´m just kidding. But seriously, I don´t know what to do. haha!
I was trying to get a picture in front of the cityscape
looking from primeiro de maio...
but I didn´t know what to do with my hands...
so that just kind of happened.  hahah

Anyway, twill be a new adventure ahead. I´ll let you know how it all goes. :) This week was lovely. It was long and we worked so hard. It also got back up to like 30 degrees and I thought I was gonna die from heat stroke. I don´t know how I survived our 40 degree summers last year. Winter was short lived. Buuut... it´s cold again today so I´ve decided this place is just crazy. But I love it. haha

My district this transfer

I don´t have a lot to report from this week because it seriously feels like such a blur. We got a visit from the Sister Training Leaders and had a lot of fun with that. It´s cool to have 4 people in the house. Anyway, Sister Cardoso and I went to Primeiro de Maio (that place with lots of hills) and taught a ton of lessons! We found a bunch of people at home and it was pretty exciting. We lost track of time though and had to RUN home. Up and down hills and - I thought I would die. But I´m alive. It was fun. These are random stories. My head isn´t working very well cuz I´m still nervous for what´s happening with transfers! haha

In front of the entrance to Farroupilha

We bought Açaí smoothies last week to celebrate our week of excellence and learned that "smoothie" is the same in Portuguese. But Brazillians can´t pronounce it so it comes out "smoochie" and I almost DIED when she asked Sister Richardson if she wanted a smoochie too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay. That´s all. 

Jen made us real American brownies this week and invited us over when we were having a bad day. Okay. So maybe we called her and told her we were having a bad day and she then said we could come over. haha it´s nice to be spoiled sometimes. :) 

The work has been wonderful here. We´ve found so many cool people to teach. We´re teaching someone who was almost baptized this week but decided he needs a little more time. He´s only been to church 3 times but remembers EVERYTHING we teach. It´s insane. He´s been reading the Book of Mormon and when someone in church said that Nephi was a prophet who led his family out of Jerusalem, he was like "Wasn´t it Lehi?" haha I was stunned. It´s pretty cool to have someone to teach who actually understands and remembers. anyway, the work has been good. I just love Farroupilha. If I stay, I will definitely be super happy. But, if I go, I´m sure there will be great adventures ahead. 

I also found cookies this week that have superman and batman on them and I call them my justice league cookies. I only bought them because they looked cool, but they turned out to be wonderful and delicious too. I need to go buy more. 

I´m pretty sure this is the most random email I´ve ever written! I´m so sorry... I haven´t slept much lately. I think I´m starting to go a little crazy. haha this could be interesting. Pray for my new missionary! m

I love you all so much! Thank you for your emails and for being so awesome!! I miss you and pray for you every day!!

Sister King

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