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Tudo Bem? It's P-Day! P-Day!

Oi Minha OTIMA Familia!
Tudo Bem? It's P-Day! P-Day! Party and Party and YEAH! (ehem... I promise I don't have that stuck in my head. But it IS Friday, so it works. Okay. I'm singing a hymn now.)

Porto Alegre!

It's been a good week. I've so enjoyed all your letters! Thank you so much!!! This week went so much faster than last week did! We were talking about what the topic for Sunday would be and I was like "Wait. Why are you telling us this now? We just wrote talks yesterday." And then I realized it was Thursday and it's time to write talks again! Oh my goodness... speaking of that...

Sundays here are like the Hunger Games. Seriously - hear me out. So, first of all, they only do one shift for breakfast and lunch, so we have thousands of missionaries trying to get cold cereal at the exact same time. It's pretty brutal. (Maybe they do two shifts... I don't really know. But there's definitely 20 minute lines to get cereal on Sunday.) Sister Cleveland and I might start eating vending machine food on Sunday mornings. haha anyways. THEN we have to write talks IN PORTUGUESE. EVERY WEEK. And we don't know if we'll speak until approximately 8 seconds before we're supposed to go up. President Hodges calls two missionaries (the tributes) from the congregation and they yell and scream as they walk to the front to give their talks (not really). Besides that, we're all divided into districts and whatnot and the 'oldest' districts get the best chairs. Hunger Games? Yep. But President Hodges is WAYYYYY awesomer than President Snow. So that's good. :P And nobody has died. So that's good too. haha No, I actually think Sunday is my favorite day. We study all different materials and it's a sweet break. I just thought the similarities were funny. haha

Speaking of dying. I'm finally getting the dorm experience here! haha I did laundry (lavanderia) in a laundromat for my very first time last week. I don't know how I survived 4 years of college without ever having to pay quarters for laundry (We don't use quarters here either... but same idea). Also, the showers. One time the showerhead fell off and hit me in the face. HAHAHA!!! That's definitely a new experience as well. ALSO. Sickness spreads like wildfire cuz we live within like 5 steps of each other. We're all kind of dying. But not really. I am actually so ENTERTAINING right now! I sound like Andrew (which is wonderful... if you're andrew. Or a man in general). haha It's kind of funny cuz I really don't feel sick, but I have a man voice and definitely a cold. So I'm glad Shar sent me with Emergen-C! And I've been taking my vialherbs too. So I'm set. :) BUT speaking of showers and being sick. Yesterday I was in the showers and there are ALWAYS girls singing at the top of their lungs. It's kind of ... well... anyway. I decided to join them yesterday cuz I sound like a man. I sang a beautiful base part if I do say so myself! And every time I'd start singing I would burst out laughing cuz I sound so funny!! I think I freaked them out cuz... typically there aren't base parts in the women's showers. And they stopped singing. Oopsies. Really I'm fine, I'm super blessed for not feeling super sick. And all the other sisters have started getting better, so I'm not far behind!
My wonderful district before the three elders left

It was a really surreal experience seeing all the new missionaries this week. It wasn't as weird last week cuz I still felt so new. But this week I felt so weird. It was weird because somehow this MTC thing is the norm now. I don't feel new anymore and MTC life is not abnormal anymore. I was remembering the day Aaron dropped me off and how long I felt out of place. It was just weird realizing I feel in routine now!

 I did MTC choir this week!! I'll write more later, but it was the best experience. I basically sobbed the entire time. haha I hope to do choir all the time! I love it!
Missionaries leaving the devotional! haha SO MANY! :)

PORTUGUESE! We start TRC today (where people who speak Portuguese can come volunteer to listen to us butcher their beautiful language) so I'm a little nervous. But it'll be good. We haven't gotten to teach much the last few days so it'll be good to be back in the swing of things. I learned a few things. The word for Lawyer is 'advogado'. HAHAH!! And Speech Pathology is "fonoaudiologia" which is just awesome. Also, I learned how to say bathroom. But now I can't stop saying "Bahnhof" instead of "Banheira" or whatever it actually is. Do you know how many times I've asked to go to the train station? But of course no one knows what "Bahnhof" means cuz it's German! It's probably better that way. Apparently I ask to leave the MTC to go to the train station almost everyday. haha! Someday I'll get it right.
The door to our district room, "believe in miracles"! And we all signed it. :) It's pretty great. :)

Awh the life of a missionary. I can't believe I'm telling you all this. But the other day at lunch, I was SO excited because they finally fixed the blue powerade machine and so I got myself a glass, sat down, and this fly landed on my cup. I started wafting him away but he wouldn't leave! At this point I was making a fuss cuz I FINALLY had powerade and this fly was keeping me from it. So everyone was watching. I wafted a little harder, and then - I kid you not - he DOVE into my powerade and started swimming. I guess I can't blame him. But it was a little traumatic, except we were all laughing SO HARD!! I couldn't stop. One of those silent and shaking laughs... you know? I have no idea why it was so funny. But then the next day in class our teacher asked "any good news" and we told him about the fly in my powerade and we were all laughing SO hard again and he was like "oh wow. I miss being a missionary. You guys are so boring!!!" HAHAHAH it was pretty great. So that's probably the highlight of the week! hahah just kidding.

We've started playing beach volleyball with our whole district during gym time, so that's been so much fun! I'm starting to feel some of my middle school skills coming back to me! :P haha It's really great to be outside once in a while, and it gets us outside the walls of the MTC and looking at the temple. haha
All the sisters in my district... don't know where we're goin!

Anyway, things are good. Portuguese has been going well. Our main teacher has been gone this whole week, so it's been tough to have a substitutue, but the sub is actually from Brazil, so it's been good to hear some real Brazillian Portuguese even though we're not in São Paulo. Also - our sub served in Porto Alegre!! He's answered a lot of our questions and one of the first things he said to us was "I hope you speak some German!" MWAHAHAHA! YES! I made like 200 flash cards this week so, that's been a party. We'll see how tonight goes at the TRC. Oh, Mom - you asked about P-Days! Our P-Days last until 5:00. But we get the whole morning and afternoon to basically do what we want. But they still have some things for us to do, like Portuguese assessments on the computers. So we stay busy. :) It's a really good day for a P-Day though so our zone can start getting ... unsick! haha

ahhh I hope you are all doing well! I love you so so much. Thank you so much for keeping me posted with life and the happenings! I have the best family on Earth. It's the truth. I'm gonna try to send some more pictures again, and someday I'll send a recording of me singing Popcorn Popping with a man voice. I sang it the whole way back from Volleyball yesterday and got some ... interesting looks. haha!   Anyways, I LOVE YOU ALL!! Eu espero que vocÊs são feliz e saude. Eu não posso ... wait... até ouvir de vocÊs a próxima semana! Eu te amo! (Thats the best I could do without my dictionary... and without knowing quite how to work the PortuguÊs keyboard. haha I LOVE YOU!) OH! Also, real quck. I can totally get pictures in emails!  I didn't know if I could, but it works! Thank you for the pictures! :D

Sister King

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