Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oi Minha Familia Amado

Oi Minha Familia Amado... Amada? Nao sei. OI!!! Como vai?
I just found the elder who has the picture of me with my fly in my powerade! haha

It rained in Provo!!! And we were all so excited that we ran outside to look at it. And well... I ended up in puddles of course. ehem. You can't see the puddle very well, but it's there. I promise.

Well. This week has been ... eventful. Ready? I promise no rules were broken in the making of this next sentance: I threw toothpaste at my companion, she stabbed our roommate, we snuck out of the MTC, and got babies!! HAHA!! Okay, no judging that's just my cliff-hanging opening statement! Which is completely true. But hear me out. I promise I didn't break any rules!

The toothpaste thing is just because I have horrible aim and threw my empty toothpaste bottle and hit my companion instead of the trashcan. I never was good at basketball. The stabbing thing? Well, that's true. She re-pierced our roommates ear which healed up in the first week. EW. All I could think the entire time was "You let Kimmy Gibbler punch a hole in your head?!" So I jump-roped in the hallway and had nothing to do with it (It was during gym time... hence the jumprope).

Now for sneaking out. That was a TOTAL ACCIDENT I SWEAR. Do you remember how we have gym time every day and we go up to the fields and play beach volleyball? Well... Apparently sometimes the field closes! There's this tiny little sign outside the gates which tells you if the field is open or not. Aaaand we missed it. And nobody stopped us. So we were walking to the fields and I was like "hmm... I wonder why no one is playing soccer today!" And kept walking. Then we realized no one was playing volleyball either and that the equipment place was closed. Ehem... So we ran back to the MTC and realized we completely forgot to look at the sign and the field was closed! hahaha OOOOPSIES. So we just did gym time in the actual gym. But not without looking so ashamed as we came back through the gate and waved at the guard! haha I'm honestly surprised more people didn't miss it. We sat and watched the gate for a while to see if anyone else would miss the sign so we wouldn't feel so silly... but no one did. We know now. It only took 3 weeks.

And BABIES!!! Okay, so the MTC bookstore is consistantly out of stock with EVERYTHING Portuguese related. Last night, right before dinner we found out they just got a shipment of mini Preach My Gospel's in Portuguese!!!! So we ate as fast as we possibly could and joined the stampede to the bookstore. And I GOT ONE!!! They had mini hymn books too, but I already have one of those thanks to my wonderful friends at the Maxwell Institute. :) Anyway, we all had mini PMGs and it seemed like the whole MTC was abuzz with people yelling "BABIES!!!" And jumping around like it was Christmas morning. haha Oh the little things...

Anyway... I told you I didn't break any rules! haha it was quite an eventful week though. Another one of our Elders got his visa and left to Brazil on Tuesday! It's crazy... our district is DYINGGG. The sisters outnumber the Elders now and we have had more people get visas than any other district has for a long time. I start to wonder if the consolates are getting faster but I'm just not sure. I don't think about my visa much because I'm honestly so happy being here and I know the Lord will get me to Brazil when he needs me to be there. In fact, I KNOW that. Cuz an Elder in another district just got his visa and he went through the LA consolate. And didn't submit his visa papers until like a week before I did. Meaning, wayyyy after a ton of other people here at the MTC submitted visa papers. He must be needed in Brazil cuz, that's a miracle.

On that note - another REALLLLLY exciting thing this week is that I get to be an MTC host next Wednesday!!!!! I just found out yesterday and I am SOOO excited!! I can't believe I'm in my 4th week. I'm already hosting for the new missionaries and I feel like I just got here yesterday. Honestly, every new week that rolls around just blows my mind. If you don't know, MTC hosts get to stand on the curb and greet the incoming missionaries, take them by the hand (not literally) and help them get their badges, to their rooms, and help them find their classrooms. I'm pretty much stoked. :)

This is in front of our new "free bin" find! Someone found the title of liberty and we hung it on our wall and signed it. You can also kind of see my hair cut. It wasn't very much. ha ha

I truely love being a missionary. On Sunday we got to hear a talk by Elder Holland (a recording from his talk at some other MTC) and it really changed the way I think about ... everything. He talked about the importance of being a missionary and the importance of not wasting time. I only get 18 months, and to waste one of them would be only giving the lord 17 when he's asked for 18. He told us there will be days when we wake up and say "What have I gotten myself into?" And that if we didn't have those... well... we will. And we do. But that if missions weren't hard, they wouldn't mean so much to us. "Salvation was never meant to be easy" he said, and "to reach our Calvary we must sometimes cross through Gethsemane." I loved that. Missions aren't supposed to be easy. He had us reflect on our ancestors and the hardships they went through. My ancestors, the pioneers, did harder things than I can even imagine. And it's overwhelming to recognize and feel their help while we do hard things - different than they ever imagined. This gospel is so real. It's so true. And to work for it brings me the greatest joy of all. I don't know if MTC devotionals can be found online, but Elder Holland's "Missions Are Forever" is one of the most amazing talks I've ever heard.

I love you, my wonderful family! I thank you so so much for your love and support. I don't know what I would do without you!
Sister King

PS.  We had a substitute teacher all last week who is from Porto Alegre! It was kind of awesome to get to hear more about Porto Alegre and to hear real Brazillian Portuguese! His uncle works in some church place down in Brazil and said that the CTM in Brazil has capacity for 600 missionaries, and there are only 250 missionaries there right now because of visas. Also that in years past over 50% of the missionaries in Brazil have been from the USA, but right now only 7% of the missionaries are from the USA cuz visas are so hard. Anyway... like I said, I really don't think about my visa much. I'm not really worried about it. But maybe we just need to pray for hearts to be softened so the work can go forth in Brazil!

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