Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello my wonderful family!!!! Oh how good it is to be reading all of your amazing emails today. :) Thank you so much for all the uplifting and happy emails. I sure needed those. I want to print all of them and read them again and again! haha seriously tho - thank you all so much.

This week the ward had our second to last of the Gincanas. We did one activity that just kind of blew my mind! Okay, so there are like 100 people or more at these gincanas, right? Well, this last time we had everyone leave and they had 10 minutes to find someone on the street to come join our Gincana. I didn´t think people would actually participate... cuz that´s terrifying! haha I still get scared talking to people on the street and I do it all day every day! haha But SO many people left! If the people they brought in accepted missionary visits, the points doubled. We had 17 people come in from off the street and accept missionary visits. haha!!! 17 referrals in one day! WHAT?! My mind is still blown. haha It was cool cuz our ward mission leader got up and pointed out how easy it was to just invite someone to come inside. (: It was cool. I don´t think it would work quite the same way in the states... but still.

10th of April on 10th of April Street
(My hump day!)

These are hump day pictures! haha cuz my hump day was April 10 and this street is April 10th street. haha I thought it was cool.Inline image 1

AND I MADE AVOCADO JUICEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greatest invention of my life. Which I didn´t invent. I just learned how to make it. I am so happyyyy!!! Because avocadoes here are HUGE and each one makes three glasses! haha! so happy. 

This week hasn't been so traumatic. haha traumatic isn´t the right word. But my mind is having a bit of trouble with English right now. haha anyway... I met some dogs this week - they belong to one of our members. They are HUGE rotweilers and they think they´re lap dogs!!! It was SO funny. And, with one of them, if you say "com licença" She´ll leave the room! hahah I laughed so hard. "com licença" is kind of a go-to phrase here. It´s like "excuse me" but it means "with licence." and I don´t know how to spell that in english. Anyway... I don´t know why I just wrote that except for that it made me laugh this week. haha 

This week at lunch, someone associated my name with Burger King and my new nickname is Sister Booger King. haha!! They can´t say "burger" here so it comes out "booger". haha I´m immature and thought it was pretty funny. No one quite understood why I was laughing so hard. haha!

Well, my dear family!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and that you have a very happy Easter!!!!!! I´ll be thinking of you all! And happy birthday to our dear sweet little Payson!! :D thank you for all your emails and for the happiness. I LOVE YOU!!


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