Monday, April 7, 2014

So Grateful for General Conference

Hello my dearest family!

Oh what sweet relief it is to finally be reading sweet family emails and getting to write you all today. :) It has been a hard hard week. I´m so grateful for General Conference this week - I don´t know how I would have survived without it. The first session I watched in Portuguese and was struggling so a member brought me her computer and I watched the rest of the sessions with Sister Aidukaitis in English! (yes, her great uncle spoke Sunday Afternoon and the ENTIRE room turned to look at her when they announced it. haha!)  So I was grateful to get to listen in English. I´ll have to print off Elder Holland´s talk cuz I heard from you that it was so good! I didn´t catch a word of it. But - I did listen intently to the audit report for probably the first time in my life! haha I cheered for you, Mom and Dad! 

The avocados! They´re HUGE HERE!!!!!!!
I was so stoked when I found them! haha

Well... this week I almost got bit by a dog. He had his teeth on me and my first instinct was to growl at him. So I growled really loud and he ran away! haha I don´t know why I chose to growl... that seems strange. Buuuut oh well. it worked. I also got pooped on twice by two different birds. At least I think they were different. So... that just about sums up my week. 
This is a Kinder Egg!!!

I don´t know really what to say this week. It´s just been so hard. I´m trying to be a good missionary but sometimes it feels that despite my best efforts ...that after 9 months of trying (wooo! 9 months this week!) - I sometimes feel I've been running up a down escalator.  So... I could use some extra prayers this week. Cuz it has sure been rough.

I love you all so so much. I would not be able to survive anything at all without my dear family. I have the greatest family ever and life wouldn´t be worth it if I didn´t know I could live with you forever!!! That is the greatest joy. :) Happy Birthday to Mom and Em tomorrow!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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