Monday, May 19, 2014

I have a little sister!!!

Awhhh how wonderful it was to hear all the wedding stories, see the wedding pictures and get to feel some of the happiness and joy that I´m sure was there this weekend. I`m soooooo so so happy you all got to be there and that all went well. Congrats to Andrew and Hannah and WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!!! How exciting!! :D hehe
All the daughters of Sister Furtado (She trains a lot)

This week was a good one. We had the Sister´s Conference in Porto Alegre on Wednesday and it was so good to see friends and past companions. I bawled my eyes out with Sister Cleveland and Sister Furtado - it was a much needed reunion! In the conference we did a MILLION practices. I don´t like practices. Buuuut I was blessed and didn´t have to get up and do one in front of everyone - so I was pretty happy about that! haha Afterward, everyone had lunch together and then joined again to hear President and Sister Wright speak. It really was uplifting and a much needed break from the regular pace of each and every day.

The day after the conference, someone cut my hair with sisscores (wow. How in the world do you spell that?) while it was in a braid. I almost cried, but luckily my companion is gonna be a hair dresser when she grows up so she totally fixed everything. I was much happier after and it isn´t even as short and awful as I was imagining. haha oooooooh mission stories.
My sweet companions!

I also got asked to give my very first talk in Sacrament meeting since coming to Brazil! I knew it was coming because they didn´t ask me to get up and bear my testimony when I arrived. haha It actually went well - all things considered. I got asked to give it just a few hours before Sunday came. We have a bed time, ya know? So I didn´t get much time at all to work on my talk. But even so, I wasn´t very nervous. I talked about the importance of members in missionary work and tried to motivate the members a little more. I felt pretty accomplished. :) If I can get up and speak in Portuguese in sacrament meeting and not get nervous - either something is wrong with me or I can do anything! haha ehem...
My companion got a little hairy.
hahaha! I love this picture
Anyway, it was a good week. I´m feeling more comfortable in São Luiz. It´s still hard, but I like it. I love you guys so much! Thank you for the sweet emails, for keeping me posted and for everything! I hope all is well!!!

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