Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Places

Hello my dear family!!!

This week feels like it has been the longest week ever!! haha transfers are so stressful. But I got to see Sister Cleveland at the train station - so that was soooo happy!! 

It´s been a good week. I´m not in the city anymore and I´m kind of going through withdrawls! haha I don´t know how to work in a small town - I´ve spent 9 months of my mission in the heart of the city! But I´m learning. I was transfered to the Canoas Norte Zone - in a tiny little part of Canoas called São Luiz. It´s super chill and... kind of a culture shock from the last places I´ve been. haha there is never anyone on the street to talk to and after long days of clapping doors, only two people let us in this week. Everyone knows exactly who we are and most people say they´ve already had the missionaries in their homes and aren´t interested. haha Buuut. It´s good. It was kind of a rough week, but I´ll get used to it.

My companion is Sister M. Silva (there are a million sister silva´s in the mission so they all have a letter in front to tell them apart. haha) and she´s adorable. She doesn´t speak much English so I´ve had fun teaching her random phrases in English and making her say them to the wardies. haha One of the only words she says often is `Nobody!` which she says for everything and I think it´s so funny! haha We´ve had fun. She´s from São Paulo and has been on the mission about 3 months now. We´re still learning how to work together and getting used to living with just 2 people in the house (which is kind of sad) but I´m enjoying it. 

Me and sister M. Silva. She´s cool. :)

This town has no places to shop, no post office... not really much of anything so - it´s an adjustment! BUT I can still understand the Portuguese here (and it is more of a normal accent than Passo Fundo was) and have had fun getting to know the members and the kind people of this little town.
:D I love youuuu!!!!!!!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! You are so sweet!! It was a good day. It was strange to be in a new place with everything unfamiliar - new companion who I hardly knew, new members, new investigators... so I didn´t really tell anyone until later in the day when Sister M. Silva magically brought up birthdays. haha She freaked out when I told her and some sweet members who live next door to us bought cupcakes for me to blow out when we went to see them later. :) I felt very loved and I was grateful to have all of you sending me your birthday love from so far away! It was weird to be away, but it was a good day. hehe  

My little birthday party! haha it was fun.

Well, I don´t have a ton to say because really not has much happened in the new area yet. But, I know I`m gonna like it here so I´m just excited to start feeling more familiar and comfortable. haha The ward is teeny tiny and they love their missionaries. My district has just 6 of us (we´re the only sisters) and well... it´s all so strange! haha but it´s good. 

I can NOT wait to talk to all of you this weekend!!!! I can´t believe it´s already time to call home again and I am so so so excited!! I haven´t found a place to go yet... but I´ll keep you posted and will probably call on Friday to finalize a time. :) It´s gonna be gooooooood!!! hehe Also before I forget - I get to go to the temple next week!! So my pday will be on tuesday instead of Monday. But, I`ll talk to you before then. haha 

I love you all so much and I am so excited to see your faces and talk to you this week!! I love you soooo much!!! 


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