Monday, July 28, 2014

Farroupilha News

Hello my dear family!!!
This week was interesting. haha I can´t really figure out how to start this email so we´ll just go with it. I´ve been having some ear trouble lately - not a big deal but it got a little worse so I decided to go get it checked out... cuz I don´t like messing with my ears. I was greatly blessed and someone in our ward found us an ear specialist who is actually completely certified from the States. He doesn´t take our mission insurance, but agreed to see me anyway which was also a huge blessing! I walked in and long story short - I´m all better now. BUT, the exciting part was getting to tell him exactly what was going on, and being able to do it all in Portuguese! The words are very similar and I´ve pretty much figured out how to make them Portuguese so I had a lot of fun nerding out, remembering all my cool ear lingo from college and wishing he had a camera so I could see my ear too! I hadn´t remembered what a nerd I was until I was back at the ENT. haha! It kind of made me excited to be a nerd again someday. I don´t think I know anyone else who could get trunky from going to the ENT.
Did I tell you there´s an American in our ward? Well, we got to have lunch at her house this week and we ate CINNAMON ROLLS!!!! I almost died of sheer joy. I forgot those existed. Also, crazy small world, turns out her brother was in my ward when I lived at Enclave! haha craaazy! Anyway, it was a good lunch and we spoke just in English and it was so weird! Trying to bless the food in English was surprisingly hard. But I loved it. It felt like home and made me happy. :)
I also gave my second talk in Portuguese this week! I think this one went better than the last one. I´m not really sure, but I liked it better anyway. haha Sometimes the hardest thing is looking out and wondering if they´re not paying attention cuz ... people don´t pay attention, or not paying attention cuz they don´t understand what I`m saying. haha BUT it was a good experience. It gets easier every time. :)
Not a lot happened this week, sadly. We didn´t get to work as much due to my ears. It´s gotten REEEALLY cold a few days so that´s been weird to adjust to. I´m really loving this city tho. We´ve learned that there are some really pretty waterfalls around so we´re hoping to maybe go see one this week or next on Pday. Some people think they might be frozen right now - but it´s not cold enough for that. haha I guess we'll see.
Anyway - thank you all for your continued support and love. I love reading your emails each week and, you just make me so happy!!!


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