Monday, July 14, 2014

Transfer Day

Hello everyone!!

Well, it´s transfer Pday which is always a stressful time, and it´s never a normal transfer for this little missionary so once again I am brought to surprise. Sister Colitti and I are closing the area - which means we're both leaving. :( bahhhh... I´m not gonna lie... closing an area is kind of depressing. We don´t know if more missionaries are coming - if they´re changing the area to an Elder´s area or what. But either way, we´re a lot more worried about all the people we´re teaching- who are progressing and SO CLOSE and then... we leave. I don´t really understand it, but I guess it´s not my job to understand these things. 
My District! :)

So, once again we´re wondering about where we could possibly end up, who our companions are gonna be, etc. and how we´re gonna get to go say goodbye to everyone before the day is over. Thankfully, they called and told us last night so we´re pretty much packed. But it would have been nice to know before church. haha anyway... it´s been a crazy day. But a good week.

For Sister Colitti´s birthday, all of our plans fell thru so we ended up just going and getting some delicious ice cream and then making brownies and relaxing at home. It was a fun day. :)
Birthday ice-cream

Birthday brownies with the coolest candle ever!

As I´m sure you´ve heard, Brazil took some pretty hard hits in the world cup this week and man... I´ve never seen people freak out so bad over a game. haha It was actually funny cuz during the game against Germany - there were an equal amount of cheers and groans all over the town so we had NO idea what was happening. haha then we realized the south is FULL of Germans and we really wouldn´t know until someone told us. haha The Brazillians, though, went on to call that game a tragety - "The worst tragety Brazil has seen in 70 years" which... I just think is taking it a bit far. haha BUT it´s over and I´m secretly glad because working during the world cup was TOUGH! But exciting.
Our picolé picture! haha I love that stuff. 

This week, on my one year mark, I was asked to give a training in District Meeting. At first, I was totally terrified. 25 minutes to teach the district something. BUT - in planning I realized that by giving the training, it means I get to pick who does the practices!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! I felt so powerful that day. haha!! It was a wonderful 1 year gift to get to be on the other side of the practices!! hehehehe the training went really well tho. Sister Colitti and I taught about speaking without fear. Saying what we need to say - knowing we are speaking the truth and that the Lord is on our side. We can´t have fear because we know what we´re saying is true, and because we have covenanted to speak the truth. And watching the other people do practices just made me so happy. hahahah That´s all. 
My companion decorated the wall
for my one year mission anniversary!! hehe so cute!

Also this week... are you ready? I took my companion to the hospital. AGAIN. haha I´m pretty sure I need to go into nursing when I get home because now I know all the medical terms in English AND Portuguese. hhh... I think I´m bad luck. haha BUT - my companion is okay. She´s just been having some really really bad back trouble and we did an exam to see what´s going on. We, of course, wont know anything for a few weeks. And because we don´t get to stay together, I wont know anything for a looooong time. haha But, we´ll be praying.
I thought someone sent these to my companion
and I freaked out. But it was just the box.

Well, that´s about it for this week. Things are good. I´m excited for a new adventure. I´m sad to say goodbye to Sister Colitti but, her fiance lives in Utah so... we´re good. haha I just hope someone will come to take care of São Luiz for us. I love you all. I hope you are all happy and healthy and that you own adventures are being good to you!! :) 

Eu te amo!

AND... words just can´t explain this picture

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