Monday, July 7, 2014


Oi minha family!!! <---haha Portugish

It´s been a good week. We worked hard and it has certainly flew by!! This coming week is the last of the transfer and I can hardly believe it! It blows my mind how fast this transfer has gone. There´s not a ton of news this week either but, today is Sister Colitti´s birthday so we´re gonna play and it will be wonderful. :) haha all my lucky companions have birthdays on Pday!! haha
Sister Colitti's birthday!!

 Tuesday was Bruna´s birthday so the ward had a little party for her! It was super fun and she was pretty excited to get a birthday party with lots of people and decorations. We liked it too cuz there was cake. haha

Bruna´s birthday party
Looks just like Nimbus doesn´t he? 
Pictures of our kitty that loves us!

An awesome cloudy day. er... night.

This week we got a new blender!!! I was so stoked and I`ve been making avocado drink and banana vitamina like... every single day. It was a pretty thrilling day. We stayed home again Thursday for the world cup and man, the excitement is getting more and more crazy every single game! Tomorrow we´ll be home again and we´re playing Germany so... I´ll be happy either way. haha but shhhhh don´t tell my companion or anyone else here! I´ll get shot! haha 

Besides that, the ward had their annual Festa Junina this week (which was actually "Julina" because it was in July instead of June) it was pretty fun. We got to come help serve food cuz no one wanted to serve food. They all wanted to dance, and we´re not allowed to dance sooo... that was stressful. haha I can´t tell you how many times I heard "SISTER QUERO BOLO!!!!" that night (Sister - I want cake!!!) But don´t worry. I pigged out too. I ate SO MUCH FOOD and wanted to just curl up in a ball and sleep at the church that night. haha we had fun tho. Brazillian ward parties are crazy. haha
Festa Julina

Let´s see. Besides that it has just been a lot of working and routine! haha It´s been good tho. Sister Colitti and I just have one week left together - we´re sure we wont get to stay together cuz ... no one ever gets to stay together. But we have NO idea who will go. It could go either way. I know what I´m hoping for tho! haha 

I love you all so much and hope all is well. I miss you all like crazy!!


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