Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello my dear family!!

Well, transfer news first. YES I got to stay in Farroupilha!! I am SO SO SO happy!!!! I was calling the Elders begging for an answer and no one seemed to know but I finally (in my last 30 seconds of email time) got a call from one of the Elders telling me that Farroupilha (Fah - hoo- peel- ia) is opening for four sisters, both of us are staying and getting new companions. I was pretty stoked. We actually jumped up and down for joy in the lan house. And then I wrote you guys. haha Anyway - I am LOVING having more time in Farroupilha! I just hadn´t had enough time with the wonderful people and ward of this beautiful city. I´m so grateful for more time!
Me and my new missionary in the trainstataion of Porto Alegre

So, the second news is that my new companion is Sister Lorena. She´s from... some state I´ve never heard of in Brazil and I still can´t pronounce it or spell it. But I think it´s close to Recife? It´s in the Northeast and she has a wonderful Nordeste accent. hehe I will have to learn so I can fit in in Salvador! She´s 20 and fresh out of the MTC. :) It´s been a fun week. It´s suuuuper weird still living with Sister Richardson but not being companions. We keep sitting together - about to start companion study and then realizing we´re not companions anymore. haha!! OOps. My poor companion. She´s cool tho. (Sister Lorena I mean) She´s pretty quiet so I´m still getting to know her and it´s definitely been a weird adjustment being a trainer. haha It´s a good experience tho. Just a lot more work. 
I opened a new area so I got a new super chique phone! 

Anyway, this week we have really enjoyed living in four again. There´s always someone to talk to, so that´s fun! haha We´ve been trying to figure out how to divide our area and have tried a few different things and keep switching investigators which has just been horribly confusing. haha We need to stop. It´s just so hard to know what to do when we don´t know if we´ll be moving soon! Also, Sister Richardson and her new companion, Sister Amorim (Also from the Northeast of Brazil) are sleeping on the floor because the mission wont send a new bed or closet until we move. *sigh* it´s been a confusing week. haha I´m exhausted. But we´re getting there. 
Us four on Sister Amorim´s birthday party

We´ve been really exploring the area called Primeiro de Maio (May 1st). It´s the one with all the hills. haha but I LOVE that area. There are so many people everywhere and it´s just been exciting to find new people this week. We are working with a family right now who has just moved into the city. The dad travels a lot (45 days at a time) so the mom is home with the two kids. She was excited to have visitors and received us well. She was also very excited to come to church yesterday but... didn´t end up being able to... this week. haha It´s an awesome family tho and we´re excited. :)
Cleaning the house, putting on all the old clothes we found cuz we were cold. 

The ward continues to love us. They´re a little overwhelmed with 4 sisters tho I think. There aren´t enough members to go around (our mission goals require 12 lessons with members each week, each companionship) but they´re all excited to step up to the task. haha It will be good. 

Today we´ve been just getting settled in a little better and trying to figure out the best arrangement for four in the house. haha so many new things for just staying in the same area! haha but it´s so good. I´m a happy camper. Seriously, I feel like I´m camping sometimes cuz this entire city smells like campfire and my clothes ALWAYS smell like campfire. And my hair. It´s weird. haha 

Friday we have interviews with President again. It´s amazing how fast the time is flying!

I love you all so much and miss you like crazy! I hope all is well!!


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