Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oi Minha Querida Familia!

Oi Minha Querida Família!

Que Saudades de vocês!! Estou muito feliz hoje lendo todos os emails e quero que vocês saibam que eu sou muito grata pelo carinho e apoio de todo mundo. Eu amo vocês!!! 

This week was much better. I slept EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. Yep - your prayers are definitely working, so thank you so so much!! That sleep was much needed and well... at least I´ve learned just how important sleep is. haha I´m so grateful for my sleep.
Sister´s conference! Me and Sister Horn  

Me with my trainer and all the other girls she´s trained

Me with my trainer (mom) and "daughter" haha

This week was good. We had a Sister´s Conference in Porto Alegre and it was soo good to see everyone! We´ve had some new American sisters get here and I finally got to meet Sister Horn (my Anatomy TA´s little sister) who is just SO COOL. We wrote before she left on her mission and I´ve just been so excited to meet her. She´s been visa waiting for 8 months in Missouri. It´s crazy. Anyway, the Sister´s Conference was good. It was good to see everyone and to be back in my home base Porto Alegre for a while. :) I didn´t have to do any practices so I was pretty happy about that too!

Sister´s conference!! :) 

I had an allergic reaction to a bug that bit me and well... this picture happened.
You can only kind of see it on my leg and a bit on my face. haha it was a new brazil adventure!

This week, Amanda was baptized!! Her day was so special and I´m so grateful I got to know her. She's just so cool. She was there for Rodrigo´s baptism and told us that it was that day (her very first time at church) she found out the church was true. She basically asked us if she could be baptized and ... it was such a good day! She is an example of faith and courage. She, like Rodrigo, received an answer and was ready to follow immediately. That is sadly more rare than it should be. Also, Rodrigo received the priesthood this week!! So happy! 

This week we were teaching a family the Plan of Salvation. I have been so excited to teach them and we´ve been waiting for a day that the whole family would be there. Finally that day came, we were both so excited to share with them the wonderful news of the Plan - and ... they completely rejected us. We asked "Do you want to live with your family forever in the presence of God?" And they looked at each other and said "well... forever is a really long time." I almost cried just right there. How couldn´t they see how beautiful this plan is? Why weren´t they just jumping up and down for joy to know they could be together forever? And then I was just overwhelmed with gratitude for my family - for being a part of a family that WILL be together forever and that wouldn´t survive any other way. It made me sad that someone wouldn´t understand how completely wonderful it could be for them as a family. I´m not expressing myself well... but really all I´m trying to say is that I´m so grateful for my family and I´m so grateful for the plan of salvation. I´ve learned a lot more about that plan this week. 

Amanda and her adorable son, Leonardo. I just love those two!!! :D 

On Saturday, during study time, we got a call from our Bishop and his wife, Nice (Nee-cee). They said they wanted to talk to us 4 outside for a few minutes, so we scrambled to put ourselves together, and ran outside. Bishop started saying something like "We´ve been hearing some things from the members in the ward and well..." and at this point all our minds started scrambling like "What did we dooo?!" (that internal conversation is a lot easier when you´re in a wonderful ward that loves you and when your conscience is clean haha but... it still freaked me out for a second) THEN he opened his car door and proceeded to FILL our arms with fooood!! Everything you can imagine. 4 boxes completely full of food. Every missionary´s dream. Except this isn´t a dream. This is Farroupilha. 

All the food the Bishop brought us!!

I love it here. I just seriously love this place. Bishop treats us like his own children and we are so completely spoiled. Next week is transfers and ... if we´re going by the pattern of my mission (two transfers in every area) then it´s my time to go. But oh I sure don´t want to. 

Thank you all for your wonderful emails, for the support and love. I just love you all and I´m so grateful for you! Thank you for being my amazing family!!


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