Monday, November 3, 2014


Hello my dear family!!!

This week, once again, has just flown by! I can hardly believe I´m sitting in the LAN house again and that we´re already in week 5 of the transfer!! My goodness. I won´t have another week 5. haha!!

This week was good. It started out so ridiculously hot I thought I might die. I am pretty sure you´re all so sick of hearing about how cold it is, then how hot it is, how rainy it is, then how foggy. I´ve had a cold for about 10 weeks now... along with half the population of Farroupilha. haha weather constantly changing is kind of tough on the body I´ve decided. But anyway... This week started SOOOOOO HOT. Like... I´m looking more and more Brazillian every day. I was taking cold showers BY CHOICE because any sort of heat in the water just hurt. And then... out of no where... It got COLD. We pulled the heater back out and everything. This place is crazy.

Tarcisio and Irmã Lourdes made us burritos! 

So, halloween here doesn´t really exist. Except for... it does. It´s still called Halloween cuz everyone knows about the holiday in the states. It´s kind of funny. And there were little kids dressed up everywhere. Apparently it´s starting to be more and more of a thing here. Anyway... we were walking to district meeting early in the morning and we saw a huge group of adorable little kids dressed up in adorable little costumes. We stopped to say hi and they came and GAVE US CANDY!!!! haha I got a little teared up missing kids. It made me really happy. 

Also, two sisters in our house finally got beds!! I´m still on the floor... but it´s a start! In our effort to set up the beds, we also decided it was time to throw our couch away. I don´t know if I´ve talked about that couch but lets just say it was making the entire house smell bad. And we couldn´t take the cover off completely cuz it was glued by mold to the couch. So we threw it away. AKA just put it outside our apartment complex and on halloween someone came by and burned it!!! Burned it to the ground. So yeah... they do halloween here too. And they did a favor for all of Farroupilha burning that couch.

I realized this last week one of the many perks to getting to stay in an area for mais tempo. woah. More time. There are many many perks. But, one of them is that I know EVERYONE! haha the LAN house guy waits for us Monday mornings and reserves two computers next to each other (rules), we go to the photo center... not to print pictures but because they let us use their bathroom for free cuz they know me! I know the pharmacy workers... I know half the people on the streets cuz I´ve done contacts with all of them more than once. haha oops. But the best is at the store. I know the checkout lady by name, we´ve been to her house many many times, she had a birthday on the 1st, and the girl that bags the groceries is a buddy too. Then we leave and yell a goodbye to the guard and... we´re all just friends! haha I just laughed last week realizing I at least know people on the Pday route by face. Many by name. I love Farroupilha.
Mmmm, lunch at Bishop & Nice's house

Zone Conference

I also forgot chocolate chip cookies existed this week. I used to by a cookie mix that was chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks. A few weeks ago they changed the mix to be ... non chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks. AKA chocolate chip cookies. But I was sad. And I refused to buy it cuz "who wants cookies that aren´t chocolate?" I finally caved in last week and bought it and came home and made it... still a little sad. And then... still eating it a day or two later I realized that "Man... these cookies are really good! They kind of remind me of something..." ... few minutes of thinking... "They kind of remind me of chocolate chip cookies... CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!!!!! They ARE chocolate chip cookies!!!!" haha my mind was blown. And then I was sad feeling like I betrayed chocolate chip cookies for so long that I forgot about them. *sigh* That´s what (almost) a year in Brazil will do for ya. 

Defrosting the freezer.
I think it had been like 10 years since that happened.
It was frozen almost completely shut. This was after an hour of work. *sigh*

Anyway I love you all!! I hope you have wonderful weeks and are all keeping happy healthy and strong! Thank you for the emails!!!!


PS. I missed google yesterday (It´s been a long time without thinking of google) because there was a bug that flew into our room. It was FLYING and HUGE so I killed it cuz I didn´t want to sleep with it. Cuz I´m on the floor, ya know? Then it looked like a cricket and I felt really really bad. But it was black and also looked like a cockroach kind of. And I didn´t think crickets could fly. So I wanted to look it up on google. Do crickets fly? Then Sister Jaramillo told me it was a cricket and I killed it so I´m gonna have bad luck for 7 years. And then she started chirping. *sigh* I told her it was a crickroach and I just saved her life.

Also, Bishop heard my cockroach/ barata story last week and laughed so hard. This week we ate lunch with them 4 times (woah) and he told me one day that Nice had made her special "Puré de barata" hahahaha!!! Like... mashed cockroaches. Anyway... I thought it was funny. 

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