Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oi Familia!

Hello my dear family!

This week was a good one. This week was a HOT ONE. Oh my goodness it´s so hot here in Novo Hamburgo. But we are one of the lucky ones and have a fan in our house, so ... at least there´s that. I´m back to the days of lathering in sun screen and bug spray 45 times a day and I still have a sweet tan and a million bug bites. haha BUT... I do what I can. 

Thanksgiving here was just completely normal. I actually forgot until the very end of the day when I realized with was Thursday and then I bought myself Ice cream. 

I also am one of the lucky ones and forgot to tell you last week that I have a bed!!! It´s a bunk bed. So that´s pretty chique. Even with a bed tho, it´s been hard to sleep. I was wide awake one night and decided to write in my journal a bit. My companion saw me awake and came and sat by me - totally drugged by sleepiness - and in her sleepy glory all she could think to do was sing to me. "Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little ball of fur!! Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, purr purr purr!!" hahahahahahah I almost died laughing and thought you guys would appreciate it. She´s pretty hillarious. Especially in English. Anyway - totally made my day... er... night.

We finally got some rain tho!! And man - the rain is sooooo much happier in the summer! haha We were walking home one night, it´s about an hour´s walk home, and JUST as we stepped outside the door of our last investigator for the night, it started POURING. And oh how it poured! Niether of us had umbrellas so we just let it rain. Within seconds I was drenched and literally felt like I was taking a shower in all my clothes. Actually, I think it was probably raining with more force than our shower head. haha Anyway... we were wet monsters but oh the rain felt so good after so much heat! We saw a car stalled at the stoplight and had a few minutes before 9, so we decided to help. So, in this pouring rain, we pushed a girls´ car all the way to the gas station, then booked it home in time for ... 9:00. haha it just felt like a cool scene from a movie. 

Have you guys seen the new video the church made? It´s SO GOOD!!! We had an entire training talking about this video and we are now telling EVERYONE about it. It´s so cool! We have pass along cards with this site and are supposed to share it for every lunch message with members, then challenge the members to share it on facebook. So - this is me telling you to watch and share. :) I´ve seen it a million times, but it just gets better every time. I just think it´s so cool what the church is doing! 

Anyway, it´s´been a good week. We´ve found a lot of families and some really cool people that I´m excited to work with. We´re gettin this area up and runnin and ... it´s been cool. :) We met all of our goals for the month so today is Pdayzão for us!! That means we have Pday ALLL DAYYYYY!!!!! It's like the happiest thing ever. haha 

Next week I get to go to the temple so my Pday will be on Tuesday. So, you wont hear from me till then - just as a warning. :) It´s been almost 7 months without going to the temple, so I´m pretty stoked! 

I love you alllll!! Thank you for your wonderful emails! I miss you like crazy and can´t wait to see you sooooon!! :) I hope you all had wonderful thanksgivings! :D


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