Saturday, September 7, 2013

Are You the Mormons? :)

Hello family!!!

It has been quite the week! Let me tell you. Things are CRAZY!! haha 

Straw glasses Jen sent me!  Ha ha I LOVE them! :)

Jobie is still on track to be baptized on Dad's Birthday Saturday! I can't remember what I told you about him, but he is seriously incredible. He found us. Well, he found the sisters here like 2 days before I got here. But he came up to them and said "Are you the Mormons?" Then asked them to come teach him. On his first lesson, HE ASKED to be baptized. haha Every lesson we've taught him, he's ended up teaching us. Seriously, he has taught us every lesson. He just knows. On Sunday, he was the very first one up to bear his testimony. Last week, he went around after sacrament meeting and introduced himself to like everyone in the ward. So cool. haha We're excited for him. We are still teaching SO many lessons. This week we have over 16 lessons planned, which is pretty good. We don't have time to go contacting or tracting because we're always teaching! I love it. People keep just falling into our laps and we have been so blessed. Yesterday we had an appointment fall through and we -did- finally get to go contacting on TIMES SQUARE!!! hahaha!!! How cool is that?! I was super nervous at first and when people wouldn't take my card I would freak out a little, but then I started handing out the family search cards and everyone takes those! Seriously, I had so many people asking about family search - we ran out of cards in like 20 minutes. haha It's an amazing missionary tool because they always ask about our tags and why we're there, etc. so... it's a win win. Promoting my brothers work AND sharing the gospel. haha anyway... Contacting actually got fun after a while. Even when no one wanted to take the card, it wasn't as terrifying after being ignored like 80 times. And when you can keep a smile on your face, people always want your card. That's what I learned.
View from my house!! :)

Our refrigerator broke this week!! And all our food went bad. That was sad. But we also got to eat pizza every day for dinner because we didn't have any food and we're not supposed to go grocery shopping except on P-Day. haha ooooh the things we sacrifice. :P Just kidding - I'm sure we could have bought food... but it was a great excuse for pizza. Jen, have you heard of Gotham Pizza? That's my favorite so far. haha Seriously though - it was crazy. But our fridge is fixed and we went shopping this morning! WOOT!
In the kitchen

Some of my favorite things about New York: The pizza. Definitely the pizza. Also, the people. Seriously, people here just don't care what other people think. Sometimes that's not so great. But other times it is the coolest thing ever! People sit on the subway with their headphones in and sing at the top of their lungs! I think Katelyn and I would fit in well. haha Yesterday we were walking and I heard someone singing behind us. He had such a ... soul-full voice and was just singing as he walked down the road! I turned around and he was in some sort of official uniform, but he was waving at people and smiling. It was just so happy! Also, people come and perform on the subways. ALL the time. So far, I've only heard "My Girl" and "Build me up Buttercup" but yesterday while they were singing, the guy said "Uh-oh! Sisters, don't tell your mission president you heard music on the train!" hahaha! We laughed. It was great. Another thing I love is the moment about 30 seconds before the train comes. You know it's coming because the wind picks up and it is SO HOT in the subway stations that everyone stands up and completely embraces the wind. It's so cool (literally). And because then you know you only have to wait 30 more seconds before the train comes. haha It's such a weird phenomenon. But I love it.
On the subway

The subway was COMPLETELY EMPTY which was a little terrifying cuz it's never empty. So we took pictures cuz we couldn't look like tourists if no one was around! Turns out the AC was broken so no one would use that car. haha

Anyway... there have been some good times here in NYC. I can't believe I'm LIVING in Manhattan! haha it still blows my mind sometimes. Something cool that I'm not sure I told you about yet is that our mission president has really been pushing the idea of consecration as missionaries. Giving everything (our fears, thoughts, feelings... anything that can hold us back) to the Lord. Doing everything in our power to be worthy of his trust. President set a mission goal of every companionship baptizing in September. Now, mission average per month is 14 baptisms. Already, there are over 80 planned for this month. It's insane. The Lord is surely preparing His people. Most of the stories here have been "they found us" stories just like with Jobie. We just have to do our part and show the Lord our faith to see the miracles. It's amazing. Another crazy thing is that our mission will be receiving iPads next month!!!!!!!!! AHHH. It's insane. EVERY missionary gets an iPad, and every companionship gets an iPhone. I may or may not get one since I'm a visa waiter... but it's still cool to see the changes happening in missionary work. 

I love you all so much!!! Thank you so much for your support and for reading my silly rambling letters. I love being a missionary, and I love being in New York. I read this morning in D&C 6:33-37 and I think you should all read it. "Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward. Therefore, fear not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail. Behold I do not condemn you; go your ways and sin no more; perform with soberness the work which I have commanded you. Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. Behold the wounds which pierced my side, and also the prints of the nails in my hands and feet; be faithful, keep my commandments, and ye shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. Amen." 

I just love the comfort those verses bring. Fear not, little flock; do good. (: Now is the time. Let's do it. haha I love you all!! You are the greatest. I miss you. I'm so grateful to have such an amazing family. 

Sister King

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