Saturday, August 31, 2013


Awh my family!!
It is so good to hear from you all!! It has been a craaazy week! And today has been a craaaazyyyy day! haha I don't even know where to start.
BUT I'll just start by saying that I LOVE NEW YORK!!! Seriously, I can't even believe how lucky I am to be here. I am in love with Manhattan and as insane and a little smelly as it is, I seriously love it. I love walking the streets all day and I especially love walking the streets at night (don't worry Mom, we're VERY safe. Seriously.) because all the city lights are so gorgeous! I love the sky scrapers and the crazy amounts of people. It's so invigorating. It is, however, a little smelly. They don't have garbage cans here? So trash bags pile up on the side of the street until the trashman comes and squishes it all together creating one of the most pass-out-dead smells that has ever entered my nasal cavity. But it's fine. Just very interesting... I never expected that. haha On the flip side though - Manhattan is seriously one of the most gorgeous places ever. We went to Battery Park (I think...) the other day for a ward party and I was so in awe with all the gorgeous scenery that I kept not hearing people when they were talking to me! haha they understood though - I was totally in my own world just soaking it all in. I'm still completely in awe over the city. Sister Weyandt knows how to get everywhere and it blows my mind. She's so good. BUT - I know how to get to church and back now! So that's happy. And if I find a subway, I can usually get home. :) I feel pretty cool being able to navigate SOMETHING in NYC. haha
Anyways, I got to go to the temple to do baptisms on Friday with a woman in our ward who was going for her first time! We had to get special permission, but it was so worth it. I love it. THEN - we went back to the temple because I had my 'new missionary' interview with President Morgan in the church building right next door. THEN - today we got to do a session for P-Day! I lucked out with that one too because usually you have to put your name on a list and wait to go, but President Morgan wanted me to go today because they're not sure how long I'll be here. I'm getting spoiled I tell you what. But it was crazy cuz we were supposed to go to the 12:30 session so we left a little before 11:30 (usually 25 minutes of travel time). It took  us over an hour to get there because subways were down. So we missed the session and had to grab a later one... but anyway. OY. It's been a crazy day. A lot of the subway stations here are still down from Hurricane Sandy so they stall trains like crazy in the middle of the day while they're doing work. I actually don't really have any idea what's going on but I know it has something to do with Hurricane Sandy. I just smile and nod.
Manhattan Temple
So, I've been here a week and I've already gotten to do baptisms and a session in the Manhattan temple! hehe also, one of our investigators, Jobie, is getting baptized on Dad's birthday! He's so so awesome. He came to church with us on Sunday and showed up a half hour before it started just to introduce himself to the bishop and the 'early arriving members.' After Sacrament, he was like "You two go on ahead, I have to introduce myself to the members!" haha he is so excited about the church and already felt so comfortable. It's so fun to see! We have another person with a baptism date for the 14th, but we're not exactly sure if it will work (long story) but he also is so so excited about the church. We gave him the initial baptism date and he was like giddy with excitement. It's really an amazing thing to experience - someone else's learning and growth. I never really anticipated how exciting it would be getting to work with real members and real people as opposed to just teaching our teachers in the MTC all the time. haha 
I'm finally starting to stop being sore from all the walking and carrying books on one shoulder. haha I seriously didn't want to move the first three days I was here. But, I'm pretty much buff now. haha jk, but seriously, we climb so many stairs! OH MY GOODNESS I ALMOST FORGOT. I had to go to Rite-Aid today. :'( :'( It's the closest normal store to our house and we only had a few minutes to go grocery shopping today. Don't worry - I didn't buy anything. I just gagged and tried not to die while I was in there. HAHA Seriously tho - that was rough.
My companion is amazing and I love her. We have had so much fun this week, and we also work so incredibly hard. It's the perfect combination. She's the best trainer I could ask for and I'm so grateful I get to learn from her.
Anyways... this is kind of a ridiculous letter. I'm very sorry. My brain is all over the place cuz so much has happened!! haha but again we're short on time today which is sad. But we will have more time next week for sure! I love you all so so much! Thank you for all your emails and support! You make me so happy! I love you!! 
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are very safe where we live, and we are very cautious and aren't even allowed to take pictures cuz we are 'true new yorkers" hahaha OY. It's depressing. But we're safe. I just want you to know.
It's a great time to wear a badge! (:

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