Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daily Hope is Vital

Hello My Family :)
What a week it has been. I don't really know where to start... It's overwhelming to think about Grandpa, and all of me just wants to be there with you. :( It's hard to remember much of the week when everything is so sad. But I'm blessed to be able to teach the Plan of Salvation a few times almost every week. I don't know how people survive situations like this without knowing what we know. I am so grateful to know we'll see him again and so grateful to know that he can still be a part of our lives, even after he's gone. It's heart breaking. But when we're where the Lord wants us to be, we are blessed with His peace.
Elder Maxwell once said "Daily hope is vital, since the 'Winter Quarters' of our lives are not immediately adjacent to our promised land either. An arduous trek still awaits, but hope spurs weary disciples on." I've gathered a lot of strength from that quote.
This week has been good though. We taught 19 lessons! :) We were teaching Jobie and he told us about how he loves to share the gospel with his friends. I started pulling some pass along cards out of my backpack and he was SO excited. We gave him about 20 and like two days later he told us he needed more! haha he's so so great. We gave him more, and on our way down the elevator he handed out cards to the people in the elevator! We need to learn from him.

Sure sister, let's knock that door!! (It says Filthy, Mice on it! haha)
We were contacting on Times Square again this week and we had like 7 members come up to us and say hi! It was so exciting to see friendly faces!! One of them was from Oklahoma City and I told him my MTC companion was reassigned there. As it turns out, he is the bishop where Sister Cleveland is serving right now!!!!!! How cool is that?! He called her on the phone and before I knew what was happening, he handed it to me and Sister Cleveland and I were like blubbering on the phone to each other. haha awhhh small world.

View from a members roof
Also, we found the 3 Train this week. That thing takes you 80 blocks in 10 minutes!!!!!!! WHAT?! Not that we ever need to go 80 blocks. But we did this week. And it only took 10 minutes. In NYC. How cool is that?!
We had zone conference this week! It was a multi zone thing, and Elder Carlson (of the seventy) came and talked to us. Something I loved was that he talked about goats vs sheep. How sheep are so willing to follow the Shepherd. At night, when the wolves come out and start howling, the sheep are all scared and running around. But when the Shepherd comes out and talks to them and stands with them, they can even go back to sleep just knowing He's there. The goats, however, just run away and the Shepherd has to find them again (if they're still alive) in the morning. I thought about this a lot. In my life, on my mission, when the wolves are howling and I'm scared and going through trials, I can find comfort in just knowing that He is there watching over me. I don't have to run away or keep being scared because the Shepherd is in control. Let's all be sheep. haha really though.
Family, I love you. My heart aches for us all this week. Know that I'm there with you in spirit, and that I'm praying for you and that I'm so grateful to be blessed with the greatest family in the world. I am so so grateful for you all. Thanks for always being there for me.
I love you!!

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