Saturday, October 5, 2013

Visa is ready! I Love Manhattan! Excited for Brazil!

Oi Minha Familia!!

I send greetings today from.... NYC! hahahaha sorry... no Brazil yet. AHHHH I can't believe my visa is ready! Is it just processing or is it DONE?! That's INSANE!!!!!!! I seriously can't even really comprehend it. I've been trying so hard to just not think about Brazil cuz I was expecting 3 or 4 months in NYC. I never imagined what it would be like to get that letter that says my visa is ready! haha I tell you what, I opened it right before bedtime and then maybe didn't sleep for like 4 hours cuz I was shaking and my mind was racing. I'm stoked out of my mind to go to Brazil! I'm not gonna lie, leaving NYC is gonna be sad. I've fallen so in love with Manhattan and I know my way around now! It's SO COOL! I love the city. But there's nothing like knowing that Brazil is only a short ways away! To answer questions, today was transfer day. So, I'm 99% sure I'll have to wait until next transfer to leave. Which means another 6 weeks. Can you believe I've already been here 6 weeks?! Anyway, President Morgan hasn't heard anything of my visa yet, and often they won't tell the missionaries or the president that the visa is ready until like 4 days before the missionary leaves. It's like they don't want us getting distracted or something! haha pshh... anyway, I have no idea what my fate is. Either way, I'll be happy though. Another 6 weeks gives me time to take 30 million pictures and *cough* see Jen and *cough* send some stuff home with her. And *cough* force Andrew to drive up from VA to see me too. *cough* Which is totally allowed by the way. I asked.

My kitty friend in Chinatown!!!

ANYWAYS - this week was good!! It was transfers and we're both staying, so not much changing. BUT I went on exchanges this week to Chinatown!! (We live in Chinatown, but we don't live in our area... it's weird.) It was such a crazy experience! First of all, I'm pretty sure the only reason they did the exchange was so I could be with Sister Khong and they could call us King Khong all day. Hahaha! Seriously though, they told us that's the reason. But it was so good. We taught in Chinese! And by "we" I definitely mean "she." But I tried contacting in Chinese! She taught me some Chinese phrases and I said them to people as I handed them things. I think I was supposed to be saying "Free English Class!" Which was ironic when it's this non-Chinese speaking white girl butchering it. "Yeah... you can teach me English... I believe you." Anyway. That was quite the experience. But I got some King Khong pictures I'll have to send you! hahah Sister Khong is so great. I had fun!
King Khong!!

NYC Planner cover I drew for my companion

The mission bought me a Portuguese Ensign (Liahona) this week! I almost cried, I was SO EXCITED. Especially cuz I could read the whole... front cover. haha I'm getting a lot better at reading Portuguese tho. I can read the Book of Mormon and only have to look at my English one for words here and there (they don't teach us words like 'desolation' in the MTC). I have been trying to speak more Portuguese with our RS President and Ward Mission leader, but I still struggle with speaking. But at least I'm doing something, right? And Aaron is sending me clips of speaking so I can hear pronunciations which is so so so nice! Thank youuuu!

NYC King - that's right!

It was so cool. I felt so cool. I love it.
A woman in our ward, Annie Poon, MADE a Mormon Message!!!! She made the whole thing! I love it. She's amazing. She comes to lessons with us all the time and she's just so great. We love her. Anyway, here's the link: It's so cute!

The building from Enchanted!!!

Things are good this week. I've been working hard to be positive and happy and it really has been working. I feel blessed because I know the Lord really has helped me stay strong in so many ways this week. I am happy, healthy, and so so so so excited to see what happens in the next few weeks! haha I love Manhattan, and I can't wait to get to Brazil. Either way, I'm so set. 

My awesome zone on our last day before transfers. :) They're so great.

I love you all so so so much! Thank you for your prayers and for all the support. I have the greatest family ever. :) I love you!!


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