Saturday, February 1, 2014

Letter from Andrea's "mission mom"

Good morning Elder and Sister King,
I like to send personal notes to the parents of our dear missionaries, but in your case I hope that you will forgive me for doing this by email.

I wanted to express to you our gratefulness for having you daughter, Sister King, serving with us in the mission.  She is amazing!  It is always an adjustment for our dear visa waiters to come into the mission.  We have a deep respect for them as they begin again to learn the "heartbeat" and "rhythm" of a different mission, in a different culture and a different language.  It can be a challenging journey and we try to do all we can to strengthen them.  

Your dear daughter has had an incredible positive attitude of desiring to immerse herself in everyway.  She is an inspiration to many of our sisters.  I have had the blessing to study with her and also to make contacts with her on occasion.  She is bold and without fear, but also filled with love for these people and for her fellow sisters.  She has a very pleasant dry sense of humor that can turn even the most tense moment into a "memorable" experience.  Even the Elders comment on much respect they have for her. (Which is quite amazing!) She has not backed away from difficult situations and has great faith and maturity.  

I consider her one of the great blessings for us on this mission!  and more especially for me personally.  Thank you for preparing such a faithful and spiritually grounded missionary to share the gospel.  We have immense respect for your family as she has shared with us your great faith and valiant commitment to the Savior in selling your home and entering the mission field yourselves.  YOU are also an example to us!  May the Lord bless you in your selfless service to Him.  Thank you for your support and sharing your precious daughter!
Warmest regards,
Sister Wright

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