Monday, February 3, 2014

Sister Pasini is staying!

So, I refuse to believe what anyone says anymore. About transfers anyway. haha People love to guess what transfers will be, but obviously no one knows until well... transfer day. I was told that Sisters NEVER stay together more than one transfer - but I got two transfers with Sister Furtado! And I´m still so grateful for those transfers. I miss her. Anyway, I was also told that Sisters NEVER stay in an area more than three transfers but - Sister Pasini is staying for her fourth! haha never say never...
This week was good. Actually it started rather crazily. haha So, I had my first visit to a Brazilian hospital! Sister Pasini got pretty sick a few nights ago and wasn´t getting better so we took her in. They didn´t really do anything, but she´s better now so ... that´s good! It took forever and was a really freaky place. But I´m glad she´s feeling better. After we got home, a wonderful family in our ward brought us lunch and clean water and oh what a blessing that was! I´ve been helping the Irmã with English, as she´s studying to be an English teacher. So we´ve become good friends. :) It´s cool teaching English in Portuguese. haha Also that day, I started and finished the book, "Our Search For Happiness" (which is really good if you haven´t read it.) I studied a TON of Portuguese, and made it to Mosiah 21 in my Portuguese Book of Mormon. Whew!
This little girl was baptized on the same day as Kayda!! :)

We´re working with a few families here, which has been fun. All of them need to be married before they can be baptized. So, hopefully we´ll see some weddings during this transfer! One family in particular has been just so wonderful to us. They always feed us and are so excited to be married and baptized. I´m excited for them. The work is moving forth!

As of today, I´ve officially been in Brazil the exact same amount of time as I was in New York. Isn´t that crazy? My time in Brazil has just been flying by! I am excited to see what the future holds. I´m excited to continue learning Portuguese so I can try to do the work the Lord has asked me to do. It gets hard sometimes, wanting to be able to do more, getting frustrated with not being able to communicate in the way I want to. But I know the Lord is in charge and knows what he´s doing. It´s a good thing to know, and sure brings peace.

This morning I listened to Elder Holland´s Safety for the Soul. If you haven´t listened to it in a while - DO IT! Seriously, it´s so good. It helped me get excited again about why we do what we do. 

I hope you are all doing well and that you are happy! Thank you for your wonderful emails!!



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