Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Talk about the Weather!

Well, another week come and gone! This week was a fun one. :)

And now I´m going to talk about weather (like I do in EVERY EMAIL) because the weather is what made this week fun. haha! I decided I´m a weirdo because I absolutely LOVE storms. This week we had a HUGE storm. They have a word for it here but... I can´t remember. They don´t have storms like this in Porto Alegre. Nor have I ever witnessed a storm such as this. But this was EPIC!!
and a shot from the street after the storm...
not as cool as some other streets,
but it´s the best I could do. haha

We were in an investigators house, and when we came out the sky was black. Not like... grey black. It was BLACK. At 5:00 in the afternoon. Sister Pasini started saying that it was going to be bad and we needed to head for home. I kind of laughed and mumbled something about how I can handle a little rain. She called the other sisters because they´re both new here and told them to head for home. I was kind of laughing still and then I almost got hit in the face with a tree branch. Seriously the wind picked up and in 3 seconds I couldn´t see ANYTHING. Dirt, leaves, pieces of houses... everything was flying around and my companion was yelling "fecha olhas!" (close your eyes) cuz she knows I wear contacts. I grabbed her arm (cuz my eyes were closed) and we starting running and laughing hysterically and trying to find a members house we could hide in. We arrived at a members house only to find they weren´t home, so we continued onward. Only now, it was POURING rain. Like... we were completely drenched. I opened my umbrella but it was broken before it even got all the way open. The second umbrella I´ve broken since coming to Passo Fundo. haha!!
Yeah... the two umbrellas I´ve broken since coming to Passo Fundo 

The wind ripped my nametag off, it ripped Sister Pasini´s hair tie out of her hair, and ripped the phone out of her hand before she could hang up with the sisters! We ran down the road trying to chase my tag and the phone and wow. So crazy. As we ran to the next members house we had people yelling at us from inside their houses "Cuidado Meninas!!!" (careful girls!) and we were just laughing the entire time. We made it to the next members house and arrived as two completely sopping wet, hair astrewn, nametag-less missionaries and OH it was amazing! haha When the storm died down we set out again and I couldn´t believe how many trees had fallen - street signs were on streets they shouldn´t have been on and oh man! What an adventure! haha I´m glad Sister Pasini knew to head for shelter cuz... I would have just enjoyed the "breeze" until I knew it was more than just a little wind. haha Seriously, it was ridiculously fun. And it gave us like an hour of cool weather!! Anyways... sorry... I need to stop talking about weather but it was so cool!

The beautiful Passo Fundo right after the storm!!

The girls I live with

Also this week we had stake conference! (I have been in 3 different wards on my mission and I have had stake conference and the primary program in every single one! hahaha Well... I haven´t had the primary program here yet. We´ll see. Anyway.) President and Sister Wright came to Passo Fundo and spoke. It was good. :) 

The Elders in our ward

The work here has been slow. We´re teaching a lot, but no one is progressing. We actually had a baptism lined up this weekend - kind of a miracle story where she told us she went to church for 3 years, but on the day of her baptism no one came to get her so she was never baptized. She said it´s always been her desire to be baptized so we said "How bout saturday?" and she was SOOO excited. haha Unfortunately her mom refused to sign the papers and it fell through. Sad. She doesn´t have long to wait before she is allowed to make the decision on her own, but we´ll keep working with her and her mom. :) Besides that, we´ve been "knocking" a lot of doors and doing a lot of contacts. Hopefully the rest picks up soon. :)

ALSO this week as caixas chegaram! I got THREE packages!! haha President and Sister Wright brought them up when they came for Stake Conference! Two from Mom and Dad and the family calendar from Jen!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! Twas a Merry Christmas indeed! :D 
A picture of me with all my packages!!!
YAYYY! :D Thank you so much!!!! 

Happy 38th Anniversary to Mom and Dad this week!! I love you SO much and I´m so grateful to you! 

I hope the family is doing well. Thank you all for your letters, the packages, and for being my family. I just love you all so much!! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!


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