Monday, March 3, 2014

A Funny Week :)

Oi Família!!

Welcome to the week of Carnaval! haha It started... Saturday I think? And goes until... Tuesday? I´m not quite sure cuz it´s not a big deal here and everything is the same except for EVERYTHING is closed. I´m grateful we found a LAN house still open! haha I think everyone goes to Rio or Bahia for Carnaval cuz this place is seriously empty. I´ve never seen a city so deserted. haha 


This week has been funny. I think I must have been extra tired because I almost collapsed of laugher a few times. My favorite time really wasn´t that funny, and I want to tell you about it but I think it was a "ya had to be there" type of thing. Ya know? But I´m telling you anyway. We were walking down a road one day, when we heard someone start to play their drumset. It was REEALLY loud and we just kind of looked at each other like "oh boy... here´s a good street to teach some lessons on... nice uplifting background music..." And I looked over at the house and I saw a chicken. You know how chickens walk? With their head jerking forward? Well... he was walking (and head jerking) EXACTLY on beat with the drums and I almost died laughing. Seriously, my comp was worried. hahaha It´s still so funny to me! I wish I had my camera I would have recorded it and you would have seen! haha anyway... ehem... Also... that same day, I tripped over .... the road... and fell right in front of the shopping center in the middle of the street with a million people watching. haha yeah. That´s always fun in a skirt. ;)

My owie from falling in the street. 

I broke my third umbrella this week in Passo fundo!

I think winter must be coming cuz this week has been COLD! We had a few days of just straight downpour where I wore my wonderful blue raincoat proudly. Today is back in the 30´s tho so... You never know here. The nights are cold again which is really nice because it´s nearly impossible to sleep when it´s so hot! 

Alcides and Henrique came to church again this week! We were excited. They have really loved their last few sundays at church but seem to have trouble remembering anything we teach... haha so this is an interesting dilemma. We´ll see what happens. We haven´t been able to find Geyciara at home again so... that´s kinda sad. But - as Dad´s email said - we keep moving forward. :) 
Bishop brought us foooood!!! He´s the greatest.

I´ve been really making a harder effort to be comfortable with Portuguese. I find I can always say what I need to - and lessons are becoming less and less of what I memorized, and more what I feel. So that´s really happy for me. My biggest problem is just being scared and shy to make mistakes. But... I´m getting over it. :) haha

It´s been a good week. I´m so grateful for all your letters! I just love you all so much! I hope all is well for you, that you are happy and healthy!!

Amo Vocês!!


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