Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello My Beautiful Family

Hello my beautiful family!!!

Awh what a week it has been! First of all ANDREW AND HANNAH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH I´m so so so excited for you!!! Seriously - I LOVED reading your stories and seeing those pictures. Maybe I cried a little (a lot). I am seriously SO excited for you. I love you two!! Congrats!!! 

And Sister Pasini and I trying to close her enormous suitcase.
Also, look at how tan my feet are!
 I have a serious tan line from my shoes. haha!! 

This week has been good. Transfers are always a little crazy, but it was good. Sister Pasini left at around 2 AM with Sister Richardson (my sister on the mission - She was also trained by Sister Furtado) who was transfered too. Sister Colitti and I went back to sleep for a while and then got to work together the next day. :) So technically, in mission terms, Sister Colitti is my niece. haha I love her. We had fun. But we were kind of freaking out allllll day because we are the very last people to find out who our companions are! Cuz they were on a bus and didn´t arrive until night. And none of the mission phones are working right now. Anyways. We picked up our new companions at the bus station and my companion is Sister Loss!!! haha I couldn´t believe it. Do you remember me talking about her in Porto Alegre? She and I lived together there. She´s great - and it´s been sooo good to not have the week of awkward "get to know your companion and try to figure out how to work together" ness that always accompanies a new transfer. haha we´re gonna have fun together.

Sister Loss and me!

We´ve worked reeeally hard this week. It feels so good!! We´ve found some really cool people. Alcides is on top of the world - it was so good to hear him responding to questions and participating in church yesterday! I´ve been excited realizing how well I know the area. I haven´t gotten lost yet! It´s my first time staying in an area longer than my companion - so that´s been new. Also something exciting is that Sister Colitti´s new companion is Sister Adukaitis - who was in my MTC district! So basically our house is SO MUCH FUN and I love it. :) We´re all good friends and it has just been wonderful.
Me and my VERY broken umbrella

This week, Sonia and Vilson were married and baptized! I am soooo excited for them and their family!! :D

I don´t have a ton to report this week but I hope you know I love you guys! I miss you and I am so grateful for your emails! Andrew and Hannah, CONGRATS again!! I am SO happy for you two!! I love you my dear family! I hope all is well!!


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