Monday, March 17, 2014

Transfers and Technology

Hello Family!!

It´s a transfer day so things are crazy as usual! Sister Pasini was transfered so ... that´s about all I know. haha I`ll find out who my new companion is tomorrow and well... yep! Another sister in our house was transfered so I don´t have to buy transport to Porto Alegre and back - which is really nice. So I won´t find out who my companion is until the other sisters arrive in Passo Fundo tomorrow evening. haha crazy world!

This week was rough. We both got sick, but I was at the beginning of the week and she was at the end of the week so ... working was just rough the entire week. haha We´re doing better now, so that´s good. But man... I´m glad that week is over. I´m excited to start a new transfer! 
Missionaries in our ward and the Bishop

Also as of this week - the Brasil Porto Alegre North Mission is officially authorized to use... *drumroll please* ... are you ready for this? ... Pass Along Cards!!!! hahah yeah... not what I was hoping for either. To be honest I didn´t even know we weren´t allowed to use pass along cards. oops. But everyone is really excited that we´ll be getting them soon so... we´ll see. It kind of makes me laugh. Technology advancement in missionary work, I tell you what! :P
This is my district

This week we found a really cool family. We knocked their door and I thought she only let me in because I looked like, and sounded like I was gonna die. But when we walked in their house we saw pictures of the temple on the wall! haha turns out they´re members and so incredibly wonderful. They have a 9 year old daughter, Mayra that they´ve asked us to prepare for baptism, so that´s exciting. :) I hope we can work with them and help them come back. They know it´s true. They just need a little push. haha 

Cool sky before the storm here! Seriously, it´s so weird.
The sky turns PITCH black. It´s crazy
We also had lunch this week with the American who moved into our ward and his wife! He made omlettes and hashbrowns!! I was in heaven. The Elders and Sister Pasini all tried to speak English thru lunch and it was so happy! I haven´t heard any of them speak English. haha not gonna lie - it felt good to be the one who could communicate. haha 

Anyway... that´s my week. It´s been good. I´m anxious to know who my next comp will be... I´m sorry you guys have to wait an entire week to know! haha BUT... things are good. I love you all so much and I miss you like crazy! I hope all is well for you guys. :)


PS.  We think one of our neighbors apartments caught fire this week because our house was FILLED with smoke and still smells awful. That or their churrasco went entirely wrong. It´s gross. All my clothes smell bad. UGH.

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