Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Shar Bear!!

Oi Família!!

Today is a cool day. One, because it´s Shar´s birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAR BEAR!!! :D Two, because it´s 9 months for Mom and Dad, and 8 months for me!! Crazy!! And three, because three days ago marks 1 year since I received my mission call! Can you believe it? Doesn´t feel like it´s been a year. haha 

This week was good. It´s been craaazy. But good. We had zone conference this week! Which usually means a few zones together - but the Passo Fundo zone is so far away from everything else that it was just us. But President and Sister Wright came to see us and it was so happy! It also meant that we got letters!! :D YAYY! I got a sweet little Valentine´s day package from the empty nester´s in the Sequim Bay ward and it made me sooo happy. :) I also got some other wonderful letters which I will discuss later. hahahah President talked a lot about how, if the word "gospel" means "good news" (Is that right? I can´t remember in English...) then how is it possible to preach the gospel as missionaries if we´re not happy? We responded that it´s not possible and he said "Then why are you doing it?!?!" haha It was cool. I even did a practice in front of everyone in Portuguese and I didn´t totally freak out! haha Yeah. It was good.

This week Alcides and Henrique were baptized and confirmed!! They were a little nervous, but very excited and it just made me so happy. We were told that Alcides speaks up a lot in classes and is already "helping to teach the class" haha it made me happy.

We also had the Gincana again this week. Apparently Gincana means some sort of on going event. So we´ll have the Gincana every other saturday for the next month or so... It´s been good. The ward is really stoked about it and everyone seems to have a lot of fun. It´s a good activity for us to bring our investigators to and... yeah. It´s good. We had to leave early this week because the activity started just a half hour before we were supposed to be home. haha So, I heard that this week went really well. :) I also did over SEVENTY street contacts that day. So crazy! I was exhausted.

Anyway - it´s been a good week. Next week is transfers so I´ll let you know how it goes! I hope you´re all healthy and happy and enjoying your warmer weather! I LOVE YOU!!!


PS - this week I got word that Vilson and Sonia (from my last area) will be married on March 21st and baptized on March 23rd!! I´m not gonna lie - I totally cried. I´m SO HAPPY for them!!! I wish so desperately I could be there. But I will hopefully steal someone´s pictures. So exciting!!

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