Monday, June 23, 2014

15 Centavos (and other great stories of the week)

Greetings Família! From São Luiz, Canos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil!

What a week it has been! We have had the most beautiful sun the last few days. It´s been a good break from winter (and my tights). haha BUT today we´re back to rain. So... at least it´s Pday. haha It´s been a good week. 

I had a funny moment last week as I sat at home during the Brasil game and tried to kill the mosquito that was humming around the room. I was sitting on my bed and saw the mosquito stop on the wall right next to me. I slowly raised my hand and slapped the wall with every force I could possibly muster - not thinking about how little force you actually need to kill a mosquito - and nearly breaking my hand off. I didn´t get him - he happily buzzed away as I yelled in my best wicked witch voice "I`ll get you my pretty!" then the 45,000 dogs that live outside started barking and I finished my phrase "and those little dogs too!!" And THEN I burst out laughing at how perfectly that all worked out to quote Wizard of Oz. I looked at my companion who was very clearly terrified of my random outburst and laughed until I cried. OOohhhh I´m tired.

Another funny movie moment happened as we were stopped on the street by two men from another church who just wanted to argue. We don´t argue, so we listened. And listened. And listened till we realized they would talk until next week if we let them. I tried to bear testimony so we could leave, but they just kept cutting me off. I asked to say a prayer with them, not wanting to just walk away I guess... and just as I started, Other Side of Heaven flashed in my mind as I proceeded to give a prayer teaching the entire first lesson. "I´m so grateful for a boy who had a question, who saw God the father and His Son. I´m so grateful for the knowledge that the power of God was restored on the Earth once more and that today we have a living prophet who leads and guides us." something like that... haha I thought I was pretty funny - but it was seriously the only way they would listen! Here on the mission we call that "Dar um jeito" haha anyway... it was definitely an interesting experience. haha 

A few days later, we were feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of street contacts we needed to do that day. We walked into a little store thinking maybe a snickers would help, but instead found Açaí!! I haven´t found that yet in this city so I was pretty stoked!! We pooled alllll our money and found we were 15 cents short.Quinze CENTAVOS!!! I said we must need to do contacts so we could find the 15 cents on the ground and come back later to buy it. We set out suuuper motivated to do contacts, all the while watching the ground for our 15 cents. We only found 5 cents and were kind of disappointed as we walked back to the store (all of our contacts done, btw), but we decided to get in line anyway and see if maybe they´d let us come back later with the 10 cents. The lady at the checkout spot proved to be pretty mean to some people in front of us and we saw our hard earned Açaí slipping from our fingers. haha Sister Colitti put the açaí on the table anyway and seriously, AS the lady was counting the money - Sister looked down and grabbed 10 cents she found on the ground, and put it in our money pile. I was completely shocked. We felt pretty spoiled that day. Açaí never tasted so good! Missionaries are provided for. ;)

My last story of the week is a silly story. But I will tell you anyway. One night as we were walking to the church, we were accompanied the entire way by a cat that looks JUST like Nimbus. He wound in and out of our legs and meowed like crazy. I picked him up and he purred and was so happy. He tried to follow us into the church, but we had to leave him outside. Like 5 seconds later, he was meowing at the bathroom window - having found us on the other side of the church. We went out to play with him again a little, then came back in for our meeting. The ENTIRE meeting he meowed at the window waiting for us to come back out! haha he followed us home and I wanted nothing more than to bring him inside and take him as my own, but... tis against mission rules. haha So, I very sadly left him outside only to be greeted by him the NEXT DAY. haha!!! What?! It was crazy. And now I want a cat. Anyway, that´s my story. Random, sorry. Buuut... The cats love me here. It´s ridiculous. haha

I love you all and miss you like crazy! I hope you are all happy and healthy and doing so well!!


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