Monday, June 16, 2014

Famiwy! :)

Hello Family!!

This week has been an interesting one. haha It all started with the world cup! :) That day was definitely a fun day. It felt like christmas or something cuz everyone on the street was SOOO excited! Everyone was yelling to each other and waving Brazil flags and everytime people heard my accent they were like "Buuut... you´re cheering for Brazil right?" hahah and no one with any sort of a brain would even think of responding "no" to that question if they value their life at all, so my respose was "com certeza!!" haha it was pretty great. The streets were decorated with Brazil flags and everything in green and yellow, so we got some pretty cool pictures! haha it was a fun day. We came home at 4:30 to stay safely off the streets for the 5:00 start of the game, and put on all our Brazil gear to feel like we were still part of the team. haha My poor companion was dyyying to watch it! But it was pretty obvious what was going on because EVERYONE was watching it and screaming  "GOL!!!" everytime we scored. haha The next day on the bus, we asked someone what the score was and the man FREAKED out at Sister Colitti "you didn´t watch the game?!?!?!" loud enough for the entire bus to hear. We got some good glares and finally, the score. haha what an adventure. :)
Our Brazil gear

I made cookies to celebrate!

The other very exciting part of our week was lunch yesterday!! I need to stop talking about food, but seriously - - SO GOOD. A family in our ward has a GaopĆ£o - a traditional Gaucho/Southern Brazil house with a churrascaria and... lots of cool traditional stuff. They made us THE BEST churrasco I´ve ever had in my entire life!!! It was soooo good and so much fun cuz they were all in traditional clothing and... I don´t know... it was just awesome to feel all a part of the culture! haha we got good pictures there too. :)

Sister Colitti and I are having a lot of fun. Did I tell you yet that she´s my niece on the mission? AKA trained by someone who was trained by Sister Furtado. haha people make family trees with great grandma, grandma, mom, sisters, aunts, nieces, cousins, etc. It´s pretty crazy. haha I just have 1 niece and a million sisters! Sister Furtado has trained every single transfer since I was with her. haha! It´s crazy. Anyways... it´s weird. But I love Sister Colitti. The weather here has been absolutely insane - one day its raining and FREEZING and the next it´s too hot and we´re dying and burning in the sun! haha needless to say, we both got hit with a pretty nasty bug this week and didn´t get to work much. It was kind of sad - but we´re feeling much better now! But I don´t have a ton of stories to tell this week, just more talk about food! haha 

This week there is another Brazil game tomorrow so we´ll be home early, and then next monday we´ll probably be emailing early because there is a game here in Porto Alegre so we have a full Pday!! But we have to be home earlier than normal. So, watch for earlier emails! haha 

Thank you McFarlands :)

I love you all so so much! I am so grateful for all your love and support - for your emails and for keeping me in the loop! You make me so happy! I miss you all like crazy!!!


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