Monday, June 2, 2014


Oi Minha Familia!

This week was good. :) It just flew by tho - I can´t believe the transfer is already over!!  It was a short transfer, so that helps. But still. Super fast. I´ll be staying here in São Luiz, and Sister M. Silva will be leaving the area. It will be a little strange to be taking over the area after only 5 weeks here, but it´ll be fun. I hope I don´t get too lost. haha 
Our district party with brownies with peanut butter and fooood! 

This week was good tho. We started off with a fun district meeting! My district only has 6 missionaries so it´s pretty tiny. But everyone brought food, and I made BROWNIES!!! haha I was pretty thrilled that my brownie making skills still work after 10 months of not making brownies. It´s just so funny here because seriously, when people find out I´m American, one of the first things they ask is "do you know how to make brownies?" and get suuuuper stoked when I say yes. hahah So, I finally proved myself and made brownies and put peanut butter on top. And well, that was definitely a week highlight.
District pictures - this one has one of our members that snuck in... 
Mmmm, they loved the brownies! :)

Another funny week highlight was me trying to speak in English. My companion asked me to pray for us in English so - I tried. Not 10 words in tho and I found myself speaking Portuguese again. I spoke a few sentences in Portuguese and heard my com snickering (bahhhh now I want snickers) and finally realized why. haha I switched to English again and couldn´t stop saying "e" instead of "and" haha OH how it is hard to pray in English! haha it actually made me really happy. And that´s why I´m telling you all because I just am kind of delighting in Portuguese right now. haha Everyone tells me I have more of a Portuguese (from Portugal) accent than an American accent. And that makes me really happy too. And then it makes me miss Sister Furtado. haha Anyway.
Cute dog in a box! It was just a very perfect picture spot. I loved it.

The last few weeks we´ve been teaching a few really cool families. We decided to use some of our videos that we never get to use and a few weeks ago, Dad reminded me of the film Together Forever. I don´t know how long it´s been since you guys have watched it, but oh that film is wonderful! It´s pretty trunky for missionaries to watch... especially the part where the lady appears with a Washington Huskies sweatshirt just as the best song of the film comes on. But anyway - I have loved using that film the last few weeks and our investigators really like it too. As a missionary, that message - that our families can be together forever - is definitely my very favorite message to share. It brings so much joy to my life and I`m so grateful for that knowledge. Life would be pretty sad if I didn´t know I could be with my family forever. I just love you all so much and I´m so grateful for your support and emails and ... for everything!! I LOVE YOU!!


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