Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 2

Hello dear family!

This week just flew by! I hardly remember what happened. haha We´ve started working mornings tho and coming home after dark to study. Long story. But OH it has been wonderful! It´s so cool to show up at lunch and already have a few lessons and contacts under our belts. It makes the day pass way faster too and... well, it´s been a good experience. 

Buying ice cream in front of the great apostacy 

This ENTIRE week it has been rainy and nasty and oh so hard to leave the house! haha Seriously, there has been lightening and thunder in the middle of the day! It´s the weirdest thing. And just POURING rain. All day long. How can one city have so much water in the sky? It´s finally sunny so we´re all drying out our shoes, (thank you to my sweet MTC companion who left me her rainboots!) our clothes, and our house after having EVERYING soaked for a week and a half. I haven´t even bothered lifting my matress off the ground because everything was wet. Anyway... it was gross. I´m glad to see the sun. We sang Scatter Sunchine this morning in companionship study. haha 
Another slumber party with the Sister training leaders

Well, Sister Riberio and I are pretty thrilled to hear that Aaron served in Camaçari! SO COoL!!! We've been talking about it for two weeks now like "wouldn´t it be awesome if he served there?" haha it´s good to finally know. 

Sister Riberio and I are still laughing our heads off at everything! In church, one of the irmãs was reading from the manual and said "peace can only come through..." Then accidentally said "pecado" (sin) instead of "perdão" (forgiveness) and we had to put our heads in our backpacks to stop from looking at each other and laughing in the middle of Gospel Principles. haha! It was pretty great. Anyway... we just have fun together and I like it. :) 

There were only 24 people in church yesterday (including 4 sisters, 3 investigators, and the Stake President) because the city hasn´t had light, and no one can leave their houses because EVERYONE has electronic gates. And when the power goes out, the cars are trapped in, and everyone forgets how to walk. It was crazy. 

Our church building

Anyway - I don´t have a ton to report. We´ve been praying for people who want to hear because... we have a TON of people to teach. We have enough to fill our schedules every single day, and more. But they´re all filled with the same excuses - no one really wanting to hear. It´s frustrating sometimes, hearing the same excuse 100 times a day. It´s incredible how many people had to go visit their daughters in Caxias yesterday instead of going to church. It´s good to be teaching so much but doesn´t do much when no one is progressing. So... we´re doing a lot of contacts, clapping a lot of doors and trying not to waste time with people who don´t actually care. Rodrigo wants us to start teaching his brother - so that will be cool. AND we just got a new ward mission leader so we´re pretty excited! It will be the first time since being here that we have a correlation meeting with the ward mission leader. haha twill be good. 

Anyway, sorry to ramble your ears off. I hope you are doing well and are happy and healthy! I miss you all like crazy and am so grateful for all your love! Thank you all for everything!!!


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