Monday, October 13, 2014

Oi Minha Familia

Hello once again from the beautiful land of Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil! Oh how I'm so grateful I got to stay! I love this city.

Zone picture...almost everyone from our zone...I think 3 missing

This week was quite a good one. My new companion is Sister J. Ribeiro. But I just call her Sister Ribeiro. haha They can´t have missionaries here with the same name... I think it´s strange so they just put an initial in the front to diferentiate. Anyway... It was kind of funny cuz the day of transfers, we called them while they were on the bus to find out who they were. I talked to Sister Ribeiro and she was like "I´m your companion!" And I went to look her up in our missionary... thing... and there were three Sister Riberios. So I still had no idea who she was! haha it was kind of crazy. But Anyway... I don´t know why I said that. She and Sister Jaramillo (Sister Amorim´s new comp) arrived safely and we have had a lot of fun together. Sister Ribeiro is from Bahia!!!! She is from Aaron´s mission and we haven´t stopped talking about it allllll week. haha We´re hoping maybe Aaron passed in her city - Camaçari - but it´s a long shot. haha I also got pretty excited hearing all about Bahia knowing I´ll be there soon. :) 

Sister Ribeiro and I!

Anyway, she´s absolutely wonderful. We´ve hit it off really well and I´m really grateful we get to be companions. She´s in her third transfer on the mission - she´s been here about 3 months now and she is just great. We laugh all the time. On our first night together, we were walking home from Primeiro de Maio and I was telling some story... she pointed out the HUGEST NASTIEST bug I´ve ever seen in my life. Seriously, looked like a turtle but it was a beetle. Like HUGE. I was in the middle of my story and just Fred Randall screamed with my hands flapping and everything and dove into my new companion´s arms. HAHAHAHAHAH Yeah... it was pretty embarrassing. We then proceeded to laugh the entire way home and could hardly tell the story to the others. Man, it´s been a long time since I´ve laughed like that! It felt good. :) 

Crazy fog that happens like every day in this city.
You can´t see ANYTHING.
It´s called Serração here. Crazy stuff.

Sister Jaramillo is from Colorado and has been waiting for a visa for ELEVEN MONTHS. Yeah... That´s a long time. So she´s now a year into her mission and starting everything completely all over. It´s crazy. But she´s great and super fun to have in the house too. I´m just a happy camper. 

I learned to make popcorn on the stove! It´s not hard... just never done it before. haha 

Anyway, there isn´t much to report as far as progressing investigators. The beginning of the transfer is always our time to go thru all our investigators, figure out who we´ll keep visiting and pray about past investigators we want to visit again. So... we´ve been going thru a lot of that this week and it´s been good. :) I´m so blessed to be here in Farroupilha and am so blessed to have Sister Ribeiro! It´s gonna be a good transfer. :) I love you all so much and hope you are all happy and healthy!! I miss you!


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