Monday, October 27, 2014

Oi de novo!

Hello sweet family! How good it is to write to you all once more! :) The weeks are sure flying by. We´re already half way thru this transfer. =O Seriously? I don´t believe it either. I feel like Sister Ribeiro JUST got here. haha time sure flies when you´re having fun. And working hard.

Do you remember how I whined last week cuz it was POURING the ENTIRE WEEK? And we spent the week just soaked to the core - with no way to dry anything? Well... everything is moldy now. But anyway... this week it was SO HOT. I was like dying of heat stroke and it brought me back to my Porto Alegre days with Sister Furtado. Seriously, how can one city be so cold, then so hot - so fast? I got my first real sun burn of the season. I didn´t mean to of course, I just wasn´t expecting so much sun! Yeah... it hurt. But don´t worry. I have plenty of sunscreen to last me until the end. That´s a good feeling.

Speaking of Porto Alegre! We got to go to Porto Alegre this week for Zone Conference. There were 3 zones there and we got to hear from President and Sister Wright and a few of the missionaries. I didn´t have to do practices! haha Practices at zone conference are way worse cuz you´re in front of 3 zones, AND President AND the AP´s and EVERYONE is watching. Yeah. I got lucky. But yeah, the conference was good. They told us we need to stop eating so much cuz everyone is getting fat. HAHAH! It´s a problem. Besides that it was pretty normal.

This week I have just absolutely found the joy in companionship study. haha It´s always good, you know, but we have just been diving into the doctrine and Sister Ribeiro just makes me think so hard! She asks these questions that I´ve never even thought about in my life, and then we just can´t stop until we find the answers. Which is a lot harder as a missionary cuz you can´t go to other sources. But seriously, it´s been so fun. And I can´t tell you how many times we´ve found an answer and then had someone ask a question later that day about EXACTLY what we studied! haha it´s just crazy. We still end most days just laughing histerically and... it´s been good. Also, my companion knows EVERYTHING about the plants and trees here. It´s makes me so happy. We´ll be walking and suddenly she´ll be eating and I´m like "Where did you get food?" And she points to a random tree with random fruit and we both rejoice in a mid day snack. It´s so cool. The other day tho, she stopped at a tree and started eating, so I did too. Then she asked me "What kind of fruit is this?" I said I didn´t know, and she was like "Are you sure we can eat it?" Then I totally spit everything out of my mouth and was like "You´re the one that knows about trees!!!" She continued eating and was like "No, I´ve had this before..." Anyway, then I made some joke about "Well, Sister... If we die, we can go to spirit prison together" (We´ve been studying about the spirit world) "Why? Because we killed ourselves eating berries?" "No, Sister!! We´re going there to teach!" And then we nearly died laughing. hahahahaha okay maybe you had to be there. But I still think it´s funny. And man I love those trees.

Anyway, this email is really long. Sorry about that. We had the primary program yesterday!!! So fun! Made me miss my niece and nephews. BUT this is the 4th Primary Program I´ve gotten to watch in my year and a half of mission so - I lucked out! haha

I love you all. I´ll let you go! I´m sorry! haha I miss you all and hope all is well! thank you for your emails!!!


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