Saturday, August 17, 2013

A "fast" from English!!

Oi Minha Familia!!                                                                                        August 16, 2013

It is a GOOD DAY!!! I hope it is just as good for all of you. :) This week has been craaaazyyy! But soo good. Okay... we'll start at the top.

I kid you not. That tree smells like cream soda.
I do not make this up.
So, I played a musical number in sacrament meeting on Sunday!! I played my flute (and by MY flute I mean a community MTC flute which I had to force myself to not wonder how many had played before me. Don't worry... I hand sanitizered my face after every time I played.) and an Elder in my district played violin, and our zone leader played piano. We played Our Savior's Love. We've been practicing for a few weeks and it was pretty fun to get to play the flute on the mission. So I'm all pumped for the musical number, right? We practiced that morning, I had the flute and my music in hand so I knew I wouldn't forget it. We sit down (after running to the bathroom 3 times before Sacrament meeting started... I'm the worst at nerves) and I'm trying to calm myself down. I wasn't really that nervous, I just psych myself out too much. I actually did a really good job of calming down and was hardly nervous at all, and then they called the tributes (remember, those two lucky souls who have to give talks in Portuguese and don't know about it until 8 seconds before they're supposed to get up?). Yeah... "Sister King aaaand.... Elder Ajdouea;klsdjf (I just made that up because my brain didn't comprehend his name)." Do you remember how I was playing the musical number? I had just finished telling my district that this was the first week I've felt safe! Karma. So... my mouth hit the floor and I started shaking uncontrollably. And then I started laughing uncontrollably because I knew I totally deserved it. BUT - luckily for me the talk I had prepared for this week was my favorite talk thus far. So I was happy to give it. I walked to the stand, gave my talk, walked down, grabbed my flute, and walked back up. It was great. Both went really well and my branch president complimented my Portuguese... so I felt cool. Wow. Eventful day.
This is the laundry statue. haha just kidding.
He's right outside the laundry room so it makes me laugh every week!
He's not actually carrying laundry. I haven't the foggiest idea what he's doing tho. 

Tuesday was also pretty eventful. So, in choir practice on Sunday, our instructor (Who is AMAZING. Andrew, you HAVE to do choir) was making a huge deal about the piece we were doing. He was talking all about how he picked it special and it had to be good. "Because we're going to hear great things on Tuesday." So, Sister Cleveland and I decided right there we wanted to be early on Tuesday because we wanted good seats. Turns out, it was the very first ever MTC broadcast. It was broadcasted to all other MTCs AND Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH it was seriously so cool. Good seats, and being in the choir. Also, I was on TV. I didn't look, of course, because I'm a good little choir go-er, but my district saw me, AND our Branch President saw me. WOOOT!!! That means my friends in Sao Paulo maybe saw me! And maybe Tyler Klingler too (is he still in the MTC?) Anyways. That was definitely not the most exciting part of the evening. Elder Scott is amazing. I took really good notes that I don't have much time to talk about, but he talked about prayer. How we have the opportunity to converse personally with one who has created worlds of people. It's an incredible gift and we should express our thanks for prayer. I loved it. In the very end, he said 4 or 5 times, over and over again "We love you, missionaries. We love you so much." Then he closed. After the broadcast, the room was absolutely silent as he walked away. He turned around probably 7 times. The first few times, he waved to us all and we waved back. Then, he turned around, cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled "Be good!!" and everyone giggled... and cried. And he waved again. And then he turned around again, cupped his hands around his mouth again and yelled "I love you!!" And, stood there and listened as 3500 missionaries shouted "I LOVE YOU TOO!" to an apostle of the Lord. He waved a few more times and then left, and no one moved. No one WANTED to move. We finally had to, but I think any one of us would have sat there another few hours just to feel. It was truly incredible. 
One more quick thing - we had in-field orientation yesterday! And guess what?!?! My teacher was Elder Christensen from The District #2!!! bahahah!! It was so cool. He checked me into orientation and put a sticker on my book (to tell me what room to go to) and I just sat and stared at him because he looked ridiculously familiar. haha I finally got it. But it was an awkward few seconds. Anyways... I asked him if Jynx ever got baptized and she didn't. :( But he said "She will! And when she does, they'll film it and put it on District 3!" haha and then he told me to keep praying for her. So that was kind of fun to meet an MTC celebrity. lol He also got up in front of the whole group and said "just to clear the air - I am SO sorry for that Law of Chastity clip!" And everybody laughed... but I can't remember what that clip was so I was confused... but I still thought it was funny. haha 
Besides that - I think you know what the next eventful part was!! haha NEW YORK BABY!!!! I'm so excited. Thank you all so much for being so excited with me!! Did you hear I'm serving in the same mission Tom served in?!?!?! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! I'm sad, and a little terrified to leave the MTC. It's been such a good experience and I've met so many wonderful people. But I'm SO excited to get to the field and get to serve. The Lord sure loves his missionaries. I'm so blessed. Next time I write you I will be in New York!!! hehe That's kinda crazy. But I may not have a P-Day again for a while so... we'll see. :) I love you all SO much!  Ate o proximo vez! 
Sister King
PS - Also on Tuesday our teacher challenged us to have a "fast from English." So I burst out in German! And he added "And anything other than Portuguese!" haha dang it... BUT - long story short. From 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM on Tuesday, I didn't speak a word of English. Besides singing in the choir. But that's not speaking. And I did accidentally speak German a few times, but a lot less than normal. haha I was just so proud of that day, I had to share. I actually felt so good about it. I can communicate in Portuguese!! (That, and I'm really good at Charades.) But seriously, it felt so good! I was exhausted. But so happy. We had more assessments today and it wasn't even as scary anymore! Thank goodness they're all church related topics cuz I can pretty much say anything church related. Well, that's not true at all. But I'm wayyy better at talking about church stuff in Portuguese than I am about... not church stuff. haha anyways. had to share. I love you! 

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