Thursday, August 22, 2013

Madison Street in Manhattan!!!

Oi Minha Familia!!

I am in NEW YORK!!!! AHHH!!! Can you believe it?! Cuz I sure can't. Seriously though, I am so in love with New York already. You won't believe what has happened. But before I start into my beautiful New York experiences, I will start from... Friday. OH - Wednesdays are P-Days now!! Isn't that so nice? My first day in the field is a P-Day. hahah 
So, leaving the MTC was a little hard. But we left at 2:00 AM so... it wasn't as hard. haha mostly just exhausting. And confusing. Cuz no one told us ANYTHING about where we were supposed to find our luggage cuz it came on a different bus. So... I'm glad I have my luggage now. haha But anyway, that was a ridiculously long day. I'm SO glad I got to talk to you (Mom and Dad) for a few minutes!! It was so so so good to hear your voices! I'm sorry it got all cut off. But I'm so glad I got through for a few minutes. :) Also, I got my frequent flyer miles all worked out! They had to do my Alaska number because it said the Hawaiian number was ... not working... ? Anyways. When I got to Georgia, I was a little overwhelmed because I was all alone and I was just trying to figure things out. I finally got to my gate and this woman came up to me and said "Why are you all alone?!" I explained I was traveling and didn't have a companion, and that I would soon enough. Then she said that she and her family were from Twin Falls. She had me get up and come meet them, and as she introduced me to her husband she said "This is Sister King. We're taking her to lunch!" I laughed, but she was totally serious. They BOUGHT me lunch. Cuz I'm a missionary and they felt bad for me being all alone. HAHA! How incredibly sweet is that?! If I wasn't stoked to be a missionary before... I sure am now. haha it completely made my day. I love nice people.
I arrived in Westchester finally and was met by my new president. I feel like I was kind of in a daze, but he was so warm and welcoming. We were driven to the mission home where we had SUCH a wonderful meal prepared by Sister Morgan. That mission home is the cutest house ever. I love it so much.
NYC Mission Home
One of my favorite moments of the evening was when President Morgan was talking to us about some logistics stuff then asked Sister Morgan "Anything else?" And she said "Welcome home!" and he said "We've been waiting for you!" It just made me so happy for some reason. They are so great. I love them. We spent the night in the mission home (after being fed some New York Cheesecake for dessert!!) and then went to transfer meeting this morning (after being fed some New York Bagels for breakfast. YESSS!!!). Okay. Are you ready for this?!
I'm serving in Manhattan!!!!! YEEEEAH!!! I'm SO stoked! I'm in the Manhattan South zone. So... basically everything awesome and amazing. I LIVE IN CHINATOWN. In the cutest apartment known to mankind. Seriously, I am so so spoiled. But it gets better. My companion. Sister Weyandt. She is SO amazing. I've only known her a few hours, but we are so similar. I just love her. But it gets better. Do you remember that one time when we went to New York? Like... in May? Do you remember how we went to church in Manhattan on Mother's Day and I got to talk to the sisters all about my new mission call and how you were leaving to Africa soon? And then you got a picture with the sisters? You took a picture with my companion.
She's the one you're standing next to, Mom. =O We met my companion in May. HOW INSANE IS THAT?!?!? I realized that sitting in transfer meeting because I was about to compliment Sister Weyandt's skirt. And then I had a dejavu (I can't spell that) moment cuz I realized I'd seen that skirt before. I looked up and realized I'd seen that girl before. HAHA!! CRAZY.
I'm so excited. I LOVE IT HERE!! I'm so excited to be here!! And we just ate pizza, so I'm such a happy camper. And, I've already ridden the subway twice. We have unlimited passes. It's so legit. 
Anyway, not a lot has happened yet as you probably know. But I'm just so so happy. I'm SO excited to be here and I'm so blessed to be a part of the New York North mission. I've gotten to meet a lot of people the last few days and they are all just so wonderful. I love this mission!! We also have spent most of the day getting all of my stuff home and unpacked so we don't have a ton of time on transfer day. But we have our first appointment in two hours!! :D I will try to write, but if I don't get to all of you I'm so sorry! I love you all so much!! I love being a missionary. It's so crazy to be out of the MTC. But I feel as if I have been greatly spoiled by the Lord. I couldn't ask for anything more. 
I love you all so much!! You're in my thoughts and prayers! 
New York and Porto Alegre!Sister King

The last of our district just before our new assignments.  Sad little group that last week.
Awkward sister missionary pose with our Portuguese teacher

                                           Look at all these missionary map pictures!!!!
New York!
New York and Porto Alegre Brazil!

Porto Alegre & Finland
Porto Alegre & Africa
Porto Alegre for me, Finland for Andrew & Africa for Mom & Dad!

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