Saturday, August 10, 2013

ANDREW!!!!! FINLAND!!!!!!!

August 9th, 2013
FINLAND HELSINKI!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! OH my goodness!!! Thank you SO much for sending me the skype pictures of everyones faces, and I tell you what that is EXACTLY what my face did! haha AHHHHHH I have been giddy about that for like 14 hours now. I am SO excited for you Andrew. Thank you SO much for sending me a Dear Elder of your mission call!! I felt like I was opening my call all over again. haha If you want the play-by-play of my exact reaction as I got your letter, it's kind of funny actually. So, I was in my classroom writing in my journal cuz we were done with planning for the day, but we have to stay there until 9:30. My whole district knew I had been waiting for a Dear Elder from Andrew King and my district leader came in with the letters, held my Dear Elder up to the light and said "IT'S ANDREW!!!! OPEN IT SISTER KING OPEN IT!!!!" But I did exactly what I did with my mission call and freaked out a little saying "I can't do it!!!" haha and I didn't even know for sure if you had gotten it yet. So I wrote in my journal "I hold in my hands what could be the answer to where Andrew is going on his mission. I'm freaking out. I can't stop shaking..." And then I held the letter up to the light again and saw you had addressed it with Elder Andrew Christopher King and I yelled out "It IS his call - He started with Elder King!" And then I had the whole district surrounding me as I burst into tears flopped down onto my desk. haha I didn't even cry when I opened MY mission call. Anyways. They were very patient with me. I finally pulled myself together and opened your letter and said the exact same thing I said when I opened my call: "Oh wow." Which was followed by "WHERE?!" from my district. And then I read your letter to them and everyone screamed and cheered for you. And I sat in shock a little bit. Hahah so now you know, I was basically right there with you. :) I am SO excited for you Andrew. I was up way late last night trying to sleep but I was so insanely excited it took me forever to stop shaking! haha I basically screamed it at everyone I knew that MY TWIN is going to Finland on his mission and I am SO EXCITED!!! (Have you gathered that I'm SO excited yet?... I'm so excited.)

Walking around the temple grounds on a beautiful day.

Nothing that has happened this week is even remotely as awesome as my twin brother getting his mission call! haha but I'll still try to tell you some stories. It was a pretty normal week (Besides Andrew getting his mission call). My district got to host new missionaries on Wednesday which was SO much fun! We had about 850 come through, so that was pretty crazy. It was so strange being on the other side of things - as the greeters and one of the 'old missionaries' of the MTC. I don't know if they should have had me be a host because everytime one of my girls would start crying while saying goodbye to her family - I would be biting my lip trying so hard not to tear up too. haha! I wouldn't have trusted a host if she were crying when I came up to her. It's just such an emotional scene - that very first day as a missionary. But they have all been so prepared. It's amazing. One girl I got to host was going to Portugal and her Mom's maiden name is King! She hugged me too and decided she was okay with sending her daughter with me cuz "All King's are good people." haha! I loved it. This sister is gonna be -so- amazing. She was so excited to be there and it made me so much more excited too! I love it. Good experience - and we just got asked to be hosts again this next Wednesday so that will be fun!

The temple has been closed for cleaning but will reopen
Aug 11th.  I really hope we can go before we leave!

Portuguese is going well. As of Monday we were not allowed to speak English anymore, so that's terrifying. haha but no, it's actually been really great. It's actually weird to be writing so freely again in English cuz my brain is constantly wanting to translate everything. We had to do language assessments today which was also terrifying, but it's just so our teachers can see where we are at, and it's not like anything is graded so it shouldn't be scary. But it is. And besides my "Ich komme aus Seattle Vashington" attempt number 1, and my "Eu sou de Sister King" (I am from Sister King) attempt number 2, I did really well! haha and luckily that question was just a practice-and-make-sure-your-microphone-is-working question and I could redo it a couple times. The hardest question was to talk about the Apostasy, and why we still need prophets if the Savior has already come (maybe those were two separate questions... but still). We get like 25 seconds to prepare and then it starts recording. And we use no notes. But anyway, Portuguese is going really well! We've learned a lot of grammar the past few days which has been a little overwhelming to remember it all, and I'm still talking like a 2 year old, but I'm not scared to talk anymore. And I can understand everything our teacher and 'investigators' are saying and I can usually answer all their questions pretty well. So that's happy. :) Once I master those grammar techniques I'll feel a lot better tho. TRC has been really fun. We don't usually get enough volunteers cuz we're right during prime dating time at BYU - so we teach each other and the older districts get taught by the younger districts. It's kinda fun.

Another crazy thing is that we get our reassignments a week from today! I learned from some employees here that reassignments go through the exact same process as the initial mission call. We get put back into the system and we are reassigned temporarily by one in the Quorum of the 12. That actually makes me really happy. haha I guess I always imagined it was just a hired and stressed out employee somewhere having to deal with visas. haha but how's that for 5 mission calls in the family in just 6 months?! haha

Anyways, I love you all so so so much! Thank you for your wonderful emails!! They make me so happy! Andrew - I'm so incredibly excited for you. Being a missionary is the best thing in the world. Honestly, I LOVE being here and I'm so grateful to be one of the Lord's servants during this huge missionary effort. There is so much joy to be found in serving the Lord and in learning more about the gospel and the things He would have us do. I love you all!

Sister King

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