Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Uplifting Messages in Union Square

Hello Family!!

It's been so fun to hear of all of your adventures this week! It sounds like it was a wonderful one and I'm so glad I at least got to experience it thru your awesome letters. :) Thank you so much for keeping me updated! 

It's been quite a lovely week here in NYC as well. :) Sunday was crazy. So, first of all, a friend from Freshman year German class at BYU came and visited the ward. She's living in Virginia now and I haven't really seen her since Freshman year, but we were good friends! It was so funny cuz we were talking and I was like "Woah, you're married?!" And she, at almost the exact time, was like "Woah, you're a missionary?!" hahah it made me laugh. Anyway, that was fun. THEN, one of our members got up to introduce her parents, who were visiting the ward. It turns out, her dad is Bishop Holloway's brother!! hahah How crazy is that? We chatted for a minute or two about Sequim and... what a small world. Then, Sunday night we went to a fireside and The 5 Browns were playing! Have you heard of them? They're an LDS family of 5 siblings who all graduated from Gulliard (Which is across the street from the church haha) and they're SO good! I hadn't heard them before but it was pretty cool to get to hear them live. Sadly, the church building could only fit one grand piano, so we didn't hear their 5 piece piano parts. But, the three sisters played a piece together! Anyway, it was really cool. What a fun day.

Sister King and Sister Khong
On Monday we did a District APF (Area Proselyting Focus). I had never done one before but it sounded terrifying. haha Basically where the district gets together and we all go contacting in one area. I was kind of dreading it cuz contacting is scary, and doing it when 7 other people can watch you get rejected is even more scary. haha But anyways. We decided to change it up a bit. We brought index cards to Union Square where we just asked people to write an uplifting note, or an inspiring message on it. We told them we'd later give their card to someone we saw as we walked who was in need of a pick-me-up. We talked about how there are so many sad people in the city and we were just trying to help. People were SO excited about it! We had so many amazing quotes and happy thoughts. We'd have them write a thought, and then we'd leave them with a card that gave the blog address to our zone leaders blog (they are allowed on facebook and blogger and everything! how cool is that?!) where we would post our experiences. And it may or may not have been a pass along card. hahah anyways... it was SO much fun. Seriously, talking to random people in the city and having them listen to you and participate in your game? So much fun. We still had a lot of people blow us off. But it wasn't as many as usual. And... anyways. Such a cool experience. My favorite quote was "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." -- Marcell Proust. The crazy part? We ran into two Brazillians who I tried to talk to ... but failed miserably. haha Elder Potter saved me as I kept saying "umm... umm... onde... um... Brazil?" haha wow... It's just even scary talking to people in ENGLISH. Then I hear Portuguese and I'm like "YES!!! Oh no. Oh no. Oh no." haha

Anyway, it was a good week! I've been finally buckling down on learning conjugations in Portuguese and it has been good for me. I met a German in church yesterday and I tried to speak to her and it all came out Portuguese! hahaha My brain is so messed up. But, I'm happy it's coming out in Portuguese now because it took me a long time to switch over! haha I've still been getting to do a little Portuguese study with the help of my Zone Leader which has been so nice. The other day, we were studying and our companions decided to do some contacting (like 2 feet away. Don't worry). They said "We'll find you a Brazillian to talk to!" And Sister Weyandt and I rolled our eyes. Literally 5 minutes later, we were speaking Portuguese with a Brazillian who approached them! haha CRAZY! 3 Brazillians in one week. Gotta love it.

umm... what else... I feel like it's been an eventful week but I don't have much more to say. But I'm so so happy for all the good news the family had to share this week! Drew - I'm so excited for you! I'm so glad you got to be in Utah with Mom and Dad and that's SO cool that Uncle John came! I love it! 

I love you all so much! Thank you for all your sweet emails and for being the best ever. I love you!!


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