Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kind People Everywhere

OI!!!! Tudo Bem?!

I'm getting all stoked for Portuguese again! haha I CAN'T WAIT!!! I mean... I can wait. And I will wait. I'm just STOKED out of my mind.

A very strange sheep gas station
This week has been good. We had Conference Cleaning Checks last week which turned out to be really fun! Not really the cleaning part... but you know what I mean. The Senior Couple who came to inspect our apartment ended up fixing EVERYTHING for us! haha it was SO nice. And then they took us to lunch at a real Chinese place! We thought we weren't rich enough to go to the real Chinese food places in Chinatown, but this place was cheaper than any other place we had been and SO MUCH better food. Sister Tappen was talking about how much she liked the Squid there, so I thought I'd give it a try! haha I GOT THE SQUID! And she was so proud of me. I was pretty proud. :) It was good! I was pleasantly surprised. That's pretty much all there is to the story... except that that Tappen's are so fun! They got their mission call, and left for the mission field NINE DAYS LATER. Can you believe it?! That blows my mind. I don't think I could have done that.

David Letterman studio with Sister Barker
(Spanish speaking sister who lives downstairs)

 I saw our Cinderella studio and it made me SO happy!! I had to send a pic! hehe I LOVE YOU!!
"Our" Cinderella Broadway Theater!!

Wasn't Conference AMAZING this weekend?! I always expect it to be amazing, but it always exceeds my expectations. We were lucky and got to watch every single session and I was so glad. It was just what I needed. One of our investigators, Aimee, got tickets and went to Conference in Utah with a friend! What?! haha we were so excited! She's amazing. She LOVED it and was texting us all weekend! So exciting! haha 

My very first time trying a twinkie (It was so gross!)


This week we went to visit one of our less active members I had never met before. She knew Sister Weyandt and told her before we came "Oh, you have a new companion? Good! I need to meet her. I'm gonna make her cry." Needless to say, I was slightly terrified to meet her. And by slightly I mean a lot. I did not want to go. But, we went and had dinner and she was delightful! I guess my companion failed to convey the joking side of her. Which, I'm still not quite sure if she was joking because she DID make me cry. hahah I was admiring some baby elephant statues on her fireplace right before we left, and she picked one up and shoved it in my hand. I was like "Oh, I can't take your statue!" She said "I GOT THREE. Who needs three?! TAKE IT." So thanked her and I teared up cuz... elephants!! And she was like "Don't get all mushy or I'll take it back! Man up!" BAHAHAHA!!! I laughed so hard. I love her. She also has SUCH cute kids! I did the cup song with her daughter, I'll have to see if I can send a video this week! Anyway, it was so much fun! 

 The sweet woman who took us to dinner in Times Square!

Another example of how incredibly wonderful people are to missionaries: Yesterday we were contacting in Times Square again and it was kind of an off day. People don't take your cards if it's cold outside cuz no one wants to stop and say hi. They just plow on by. So it's just not as fun if it's cold outside (okay, so it's never quite "fun" but it's at least cool getting to talk to people). haha Anyways, we were getting ready to head out cuz the day was a bust and it was time for dinner, and this woman came up to me and was like "Sister King!! My name is Sister Williams!" She was visiting from Utah and was out on the town by herself cuz her husband was at work. She was SO sweet! We talked for a few minutes and she asked what we were doing for dinner. We were just gonna go try to find something on the way back to the church, but she took us out to Applebee's! Just the sweetest woman, taking two random missionaries out to dinner. We get treated SO well! It's insane! Anyways. That was such a happy experience! haha

The other happy thing that happened this week was that my new Zone Leader is from the Portuguese Program here in the mission! He is taking a "vacation" from the program to serve English speaking in the city, but he's been helping me SO MUCH. He let me teach a lesson to him in Portuguese yesterday for language study and it was SO helpful. He said he's trying to get permission for me to skype-teach some members from his old area who are from Brazil! We'll see if that happens, but isn't that awesome?! I am so stoked. I love Portuguese!

Anyway, things are good. Thank you all so much for the updates!! I hope those of you in Utah/Idaho have so much fun this week with Mom and Dad and Andrew!! That sounds like it will be a whirlwind week for you, Mom and Dad. Good luck with everything! I love you all!! Have a great week!

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