Friday, October 25, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing in Union Square

Woah. What a week. I'm a little confused, to be honest. Or... shocked. How is Uncle Val? How are you Dad? Was this expected? Are we okay? I wish more than ever I could be with you all. I just... wow...

I'm glad you were able to see the Plan of Salvation video!  You can see me drawing at 1:05 and there is one part you can see my face, (about 2:25) but I'm in the background so it took me a while to see it! haha It's when the girl has her iPod and it shows her holding the pamphlet. You can see me teaching someone! It's only for a split second... but I still felt cool. That was SUCH a cool experience. And I got to wear PANTS!! Do you know how long it's been since I've been allowed to wear jeans? Like 10 weeks. I MISS PANTS! That was probably my favorite part. haha just kidding. But seriously. So nice. 
STREET CLOTHES!!! It was a celebration

Drawing the Earth
Click to enlarge

Anyways, we went with the zone to draw a HUGE plan of salvation and then just talked to TONS of people. It was SO EXCITING! And the best part was that it went on KSL a few days ago, and in 3 days the video got over 11,000 views. And our zone leaders blog got almost 12,000. You should check it out - they have been posting stuff from our activities the past few weeks. It's and... it's pretty exciting stuff. haha They've actually been called by some newspaper thing asking for an interview! haha I have no idea if that will happen, but we've been pretty excited over here. I mean... 11,000 views on a project we thought would last a day? That's pretty legit. Also, I helped draw the Earth which is my favorite part. Doesn't it look awesome?! If you look closely in the pics, you can see where I drew a big dot on Porto Alegre! :P hehe I felt cool. 

Eating chicken feet. What an adventure.

Also this week, I ate Chicken Feet! UGH!! And by "ate" I mean I "licked". I licked and ever so slightly nibbled a chicken foot. It tastes just fine, but oh if cartilage could kill! I couldn't really do it. But I licked it just so I could say I did. haha so that was new.

One day at Zone conference, we all matched.
It was so weird. Sister Khong, Awerkamp, and I matched the most!

All of us were wearing pink, white, and black. Haha not planned at all.

Then - do you remember how last week I told you I met Bishop Holloway's brother?! Yeah... so turns out, they're from Grace, ID!! I talked to Kelsey (the girl in my ward who's Dad is Bishop Holloway's brother, and who is from Grace) and her Mom again this week and they said they're from Grace, and Kelsey had Brother Bean as an elementary school teacher! She said she knows their family and Sister Holloway (Kelsey's mom) knows Sister Bean!! It made me so happy! What a small world! So many connections.

Bringing cake to church.
 Everyone was staring at me and giving me the weirdest looks!
We should bring cake around more often - good way to talk to people! haha

This week was our primary program! Our primary has 9 kids, so we were confused as to how they would make it work, but they did SUCH an awesome job! My favorite part was when one of the boys who's line was "God blesses US!" said instead "God blesses the United States... What? ... Oh. God blesses us." hahaha! I laughed so hard! It was the cutest thing ever. It made me pretty home sick tho - I'm not gonna lie. They sang the songs we worked on this summer in Primary (I always went to Primary with Shar and Jarom and Kaydance when I lived in Hayden this summer) and I just missed hearing the sweet voices of my niece and nephews, and I just missed going to primary with Shar. haha I maybe bawled when they sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" cuz that's one of my favorites. Someday I'll get used to this being away and cut off from home thing... but it's been hard.

Aimee and Kade! They're SO awesome

Well, I hope everyone is doing alright. It's been quite an eventful couple of weeks, hasn't it? Heck, it's been an eventful few years for our family. haha But, we always make it thru. I send my love and prayers that all will go well with the funeral and that peace will come. Thanks so much for your sweet emails and for all your love and prayers. Mom, I love what you said about Tyler's email about Grandpa. That really was beautiful. He's definitely right. Our family on the other side has been working overtime it seems, to comfort their struggling missionaries. I sure need them. I'm sure we all do. I'm just grateful for the knowledge that they're there. 

United Nations building for another zone project! :) We had fun.

I love you!! Until next week - Ate mais!

Sister King

PS.  The video now has over 22,000 views. And our Elders just got interviewed by Deseret News.

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