Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winter Care Package from Jen & Vic!

Holy Visa Batman!!

Can you believe it?! I'm going to BRAZILLLL! haha This week has been good. First of all, JEN AND VIC CAME TO SEE MEEEE!! I have an amazing mission president and he let Jen and Vic come give me a coat! And blankets, gloves, hats, scarf, PJ bottoms, fuzzy socks, chocolate, sleepytime tea, candy cane chapstick and other AMAZING stuff that has kept me warm this week (the chapstick definitely keeps me warm haha)! It has been SO COLD. I was dying on Thursday- it was sooo cold! Then, I got Jen's call and ... She has perfect timing. Thank you SO much!! It was so fun, and so surreal to see family on the mission. I was so completely giddy for like 3 days. haha I just was so happy. And I've been so warm, which we all know equals happiness. :) 

 Seeing Jen!!!!!

I also got to go on splits with Sister Khong again! (King Khong part 2) so it was fun to see her. It was perfect tho, cuz we were in my area this time and I got to lead us all around Manhattan and really test my navigation skills! I didn't get lost ONCE! We took subways and buses and... I'm a pro. haha 

ALSO on Thursday (Wow, Thursday was a REALLY good day) we had zone conference and were trained to be online proselyting missionaries! I am officially allowed to use facebook as a missionary! So, I will probably post a thing or two, and then be restricted from facebook again cuz I am fairly positive Brazil won't be doing facebook. haha but it's cool to get a week or two of facebook proselyting!

On Sunday, Sister Weyandt and I gave talks in our ward - our ward mission leader spoke too. We were basically introducing online proselyting to the ward so they don't think they have heathens for missionaries when we start adding them on facebook. haha AND because it's SUCH an awesome tool and such an amazing progression in the work - it's so so exciting! We were hoping to get them motivated and involved. I think we did well and we definitely had fun. We'll see what happens. (: We already have a very wonderful and helpful ward. I'm going to miss the members here. 

First looks at Facebook ha ha!

Also this week, we went singing in Times Square. It was a little awkward at first, but it turned out really cool - getting to sing hymns in the middle of the craziest place ever. People stopped and took tons of pictures of us and other people were filming and joining in on the well-known hymns. Now I can cross "singing in Times Square" off my bucket list. haha I'm kidding. That was never on my bucket list. I love what our zone is doing though - just trying to find new ways to reach out to people. Not only does it make life more exciting for us, but so far it has been a lot more successful than just passing out cards on the street. haha oooh New York.

It honestly hasn't really hit me yet - that I'm leaving to Brazil so soon. I can't really believe it. I've been daydreaming about the day I'd get my visa call so much that when I actually got it, it felt like just another dream. haha But I'm glad. I want to live my last few days here to the fullest and squeeze every ounce out of New York that I can. :P I LOVE it here. I'm so so so in love with NYC and I'm so grateful I've gotten to serve here. I'm so sad to be leaving. But, I'm so excited go where I'm going. What an adventure this has been! Can you believe all this? I just never imagined I'd get to serve in two places. I was looking through facebook pictures yesterday (we have to go thru them all before we're allowed to post) and came across some pictures from our NY trip in 2005. I almost died because those places I was standing are SO familiar to me now! It blew my mind. Who would have thought I'd get to serve in NYC? Anyways. I'll stop rambling. I'm just grateful. 

I love you all so so much. Thanks for all your sweet emails and uplifting thoughts! Happy Halloween!! Oh, speaking of that - we are quarantined here on Halloween cuz apparently it's gonna be CRAZY this year. No one got Halloween last year because of Sandy, so they're making up for lost time. haha We have to be in our apartments by 5:00. Crazy business. (: It'll be fun. haha and we're having a zone halloween party today for Pday so, that will be fun too. I'm excited. :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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